Wednesday, January 23, 2013

La Petite Camille

La Petite Camille is a new Vietnamese resto in Greenbelt 5 which opened last December. The original branch is in Milbrae, CA.

Ever since I came back from Puerto Princesa, I have been craving for Vietnamese Pho. I even made my own at home.

After my doctor's appointment, I went to La Petite Camille.

There were no people, I had the place all to myself but then after a few minutes, a couple went in. How funny ..... I was listening to the woman giving a litany of all the food she was allergic to. Most of them were Asian ingredients. Hello?!?!?!? She was at a Vietnamese resto.

Back to the craving "du jour", I ordered the Pho Combination. It had boiled beef, raw beef and beef balls! My favorite!

Served with bean sprouts, lime segment and basil leaves. They gave a small serving of sriracha and hoisin sauces.

I tasted the broth first before I murdered the soup with lots and lots of sriracha and hoisin sauces. I asked for more and they willingly obliged.

The broth tasted like my Nilagang Baka soup. Not bad..... But then..... I have a tendency to add tons of sauces. I want it to taste like the Chao Long of Rene's Saigon in Palawan.

The menu of La Petite Camille:











I want to try the other dishes next time!



  1. Hi.
    after seeing your post, we went this afternoon together with my friends. I like the Pho Combination, I don't know what happened to your soup, but mine taste like Nilagang Baka Viet style :). A clean and somewhat refreshing taste to it, It's because of the ginger and cilantro roots. Their 5 spice chicken and Saigon Pork chops are wonderful too, plus the lettuce!... I like how the place feels, though the feeling seems to be "Frenchy" not "Vietny". I hope we had a chance to meet the Vietnamese owner next time we visit this restaurant...La Petite Camille. No need to go to the bay area. Just visit Makati.

    1. Hi! Wow, you also ordered the Pho Combination. I liked my soup, I just have this bad habit of adding lots and lots of chili and hoisin to my Pho. I want to try the Pork chops next time!