Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Thai Food Experiment - Sausage And Cucumber Salad

Another favorite Thai food that I like to serve to friends is Thai Sausage and Cucumber Salad.

 I ate it in Bangkok, as well.

Thai Sausage And Cucumber Salad

Thai Gherkins

Japanese cucumber

4-5 pcs. Thai gherkins or Japanese cucumber, sliced

1-2 pcs Thai Sausage (baked for 3 minutes only) or any Chinese sausage (steamed), sliced

shallots, sliced

red chili pepper, chopped (ortional)

spring onions, chopped

wansuy leaves for garnishing


1/4 C. Cane or rice wine vinegar
1/4 C. water
1/4 C. white sugar.

Boil all the ingredients in a sauce pan without stirring until the sugar has dissolved and slightly syrupy.

Arrange all the ingredients on a platter and pour the dressing over it.

Thai Food Experiment - Pork Laab/Larb

I have a new favorite Thai food!  I ate it everyday when I was in Bangkok.

It's called Pork Laab, a meat based salad.

I invited some friends over and cooked Laab for them.

Pork Laab

1/2 K. lean ground pork

1/2 C. water

Thai fish sauce, to taste

lime juice, to taste

Thai chili powder

shallots, sliced

spring onions, chopped

mint leaves

1/2 C ground toasted malagkit rice

Put the water and ground pork in a cooking pan.  Crumble the meat.  Cook until meat is almost done.

Switch off the flame and cool a bit.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

Garnish with mint leaves.

My Favorite Food In Bangkok

I just came from Bangkok with Mariger and Tricia, the sister of Jing.

We stayed in Tita Jit's guest house.  I already lost count how many times Sia has been to Bangkok!

Tita and Makam (Tita J's dog) picked us up at the airport.

We met with our usual Tuk Tuk driver in the Military commisary.

Tita brought us to the shampoo store!  I have been using it since December and I do not have falling hair anymore.  So effective! And it is only 35 Baht per bottle!

The only downside is the weight. It is 500 grams per bottle.  So if you buy shampoo and conditioner, that is already 1 kilo less your baggage allowance.

Tita brought us to the Kitchenware shop.

Too bad I could not bring home what I wanted.  Tita got PD a nice pink ceramic lace platter and the weight was 1 kilo per piece!

Then we went to Chatuchak Market.  Every Wednesday and Thursday you can buy plants and flowers.

There were some fruits also.

 We went home to the Thai guest house to eat merienda.  Tita bought us satay in the commisary.

Then off again to the province to go to the market.

Lots of fruits and goodies!

I bought PD a pink and white pimbrera.

Toy shopping for Snowball.

I love the palm sugar!!!!

The vendor said it is perfect with coffee.  I wanted to bring home a lot but one small container weighs 500 grams! Never mind the price, it is only 3 for 100! But the weight!!!! Hayyyyy....

Early dinner at our favorite Northern Thai restaurant called Hua Lumphun in the outskirts of Bangkok.

Vegetables and dip.  Hahaha Spicy dips. Atomic dips.

Mariger's lips looked like Angelina Jolie's the whole time we were eating.

Black sticky rice

Fried Chicken - my favorite.

Grilled Pork Neck

Khao Soi = it's their version of Laksa. I did not try it.

Pork Laab/Larb - my new favorite!

Lanna Laap, another version of Laab - It has a peculiar taste.

Sotanghon Salad - hahaha I don't know what it is called.

Salad with big ant eggs! Itlog ng hantik!

The white eggs is like yellow tausi beans in texture but no taste.  Then it pops in your mouth when you eat it.

At a closer look, the baby ants emerged from the eggs!

Fruit Som Tam

Shrimp Cakes!!!! My ultimate favorite!!!!

Papaya Som Tam

Sticky rice with langka topped with coconut ice cream, red beans and kaong.

Dessert! I do not know what it is but it has jelly like strings.

Another dessert.  Sherbet like.

Mango Sticky rice.

On our 2nd day, we went to the nearby market where we always have breakfast.

Stewed pork leg on rice.

Roast Pork on rice.

Roast Pork and Sausage on rice.

With my favorite Moo ping!

Thai cucumber salad with sausage.

Lots of fruits and vegetables.

I even bought fresh Pad Thai noodles.

When you buy soda and ice,  it comes in a huge cup!!!

Next stop was Sampeng in Chinatown!  It is my most favorite place to shop. It is a wholesale market like Divisoria.

Late lunch at Pahurat.  Tita has a favorite Fried Chicken joint.

Papaya Som Tum

Crunchy Fried Chicken

Dipping sauce for the chicken

Pork Larb

Sticky rice

We went back to the guest house to drop off our stuff.  We took a Grab to Siam Paragon.

Grocery shopping!

Dinner was in the the food court of Central World.

Again.... my favorites!

Pad Thai!

Hoy Tod - crispy oyster omelette

Grocery shopping again in Big C!  I bought 16 bars of  Double Milk baby soap.  It makes the soles of my feet so soft and smooth just after 1 use.

On our 3rd day in Bangkok, we rode Tita Jit's new Mini Cooper Clubman!

We accompanied her to the hospital for her scheduled check up.

Across the hospital is the military commisary. We bought baby white corn and satay.

Lunch at my favorite Fried fish place! Hua Kraboe, Krung Thep!

Fried Fish with green mango salad sauce.

Steamed Shrimps

Seafood sauce. It looks deceiving but it is extremely spicy.

Tom yum


Fried Rice

Then we were off to Chatuchak Weekend Market!  The only reason why I wanted to go there was to look for doggy stuff!

Dress Shopping for Snowball!

I got her a blue and white dress, to match my house.

I also got her a pet carrier bag.

We can now retire the eco bag Yaya Hermie would use every time they have to go to the park.

It was very hot in Bangkok.  Humid is a better way to describe the weather.

Platinum mall!  Several floors of things to buy.  I was so tired I just waited for them in the food court.

On our way out I saw a nice t-shirt!

Snowhite less the seven dwarfs because she ate them all!!!


Dinner at the "palayok" place. Their version of hotpot shabu shabu by the road side.

Pork Laab/Larb

Beef Larb

Grilled Pork Neck

Have I told you it was very hot in Bangkok?

I did, right?

On our last day we went back to Hua Lumphun.

Vegetables and dips.

I really loved the Shrimp Cakes.

Thai Fried Chicken!!! Love! Love! Love!

Another version of Larb.

Fruit Som Tum

Tom yun like soup with mushrooms

Ant eggs salad

LARB!!!!! Whew! So hot and spicy!

I had to eat a teaspoon of coconut ice cream for every spoonful of larb.

Thai sticky rice with jackfruit shreds, coconut ice cream, kaong and red beans.


Last minute shopping in MBK.  We went to Tops supermarket and Tokyu.

Dinner at Fuji Japanese restaurant.

Potato Salad

Salmon Salad





Then it was time to pack our things.  It was really difficult because of the baggage allowance.  I got a 40 kg, baggage allowance and yet I had to leave behind 5 bottles of shampoo and 16 bars of soap.  I will get it on my next visit.

Thank you so much Tita Jit and Ryan for entertaining us and for taking us to my favorite eating places!

We were happy in Bangkok!

Until the next time!