Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swensen's Ice Cream

My Ate invited us for ice cream yesterday at Swensen's Moa.

I was with Sophie, Gilly and PD.

We ordered the 8 scoop concoction called EARTHQUAKE!

They let us choose the flavors we wanted, normally they do not allow that.

Sophie: Midnight Brownies and Reversible Chocolate
Lia : Almond Mocha Fudge and Rock @ Heart
PD: Strawberry, Banana 'n Cream and Blueberry Cobbler
Gilly : Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Chip

And we also had a parfait.

 My Ate did not order anything because she is on the Cohen diet.  She was just our photographer and Financier.

I loved their ice cream because it was not very sweet!

We easily polished off the big bowl of ice cream!

I would love to come back and try the other concoctions.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pigs! Pigs! Pigs! We're such Pigs!

Jing, Celine, Mona and I were such little pigs!  Hahahaha! When they were much younger they were slimmer but when they started hanging out with me ... well ... you know what happened.  We love food and we love to eat!

I made Cheesy Beef Nachos for merienda!

We finished almost the whole serving!

Celine brought sausages and we tried them all!

My favorite is the Beef Frankfurters.

Our dessert was fresh strawberries from Baguio which Celine gave us for pasalubong.

We dipped it in white sugar....

then in whipped cream.

We were not contented, I melted Dark Chocolate Champagne Truffles from Mona

and dipped the berries in it also.

And then.... pigs that we were  ...  hahahahaha .... we dipped it again in cream then drizzled with melted chocolate!!!!

The other night, we had the battle of the Cheese Curls with Mona, Celine and Corry.

White Cheddar Cheese Puffs from Hong Kong

Humpty Dumpty from Canada

CheeZom Cheese Puffs from Landmark

Hawkins Cheezies from Canada

Jaki Tyan from Mayette

I love Jaki Tyan the best!!!!  My ultimate favorite cheese puffs is HERRS.

My Kuya said, OBESITY is contagious.  I honestly believe it is true!  Yay!!!!  I am not the only one who will get fat when we indulge in our piggishness.

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Wriggly's Tree!!!

My Christmas tree at home is not a traditional one.

I made it for Wriggly!

I have had it for a few years now.  Mom used to decorate our tree each year with different color themes, Oriental, Lavender, Blue and Silver, Rust, etc....  But since she passed away, I  opted for something  so out of the norm.... I made a tree with DOGS!!!

We do miss Mom so much, we had the best Christmas celebrations with her.  But in our own special way, we made our Christmas meaningful and fun. 

My friends were texting me and imagining what I was preparing for Noche Buena.  They said, I must be cooking up a storm.  On the contrary, our Christmas Eve meal, if you can call it a meal, was very simple.  It was more of a midnight snack.

Tita Portia and I heard mass at 8:00 p.m. then shared a simple late evening meal.  We invited a couple of neighbors to join us this year.

I only prepared Chicken Relleno

and bought Chocolate Ensaimada from Bizu.

I like to eat my relleno with gravy

and jellied cranberry sauce.

Tita Portia made Potato Salad.

It was a fun evening and we enjoyed ourselves.

We celebrated Christmas lunch with the whole family.  Again, not too much food but just a whole Lechon and Nilgang Manok for my niece, Gilly, who does not eat Lechon.

We went uptairs to the house of PD for dessert, ice cream and chocolate covered marshmallows,

and to open our presents.

We started unwrapping from the youngest to the oldest.  It was a very long process because we watched each one as they opened their gifts.

Renzo - PD tricked him.

Gave him a box of cookies....

Obviously, he did not like it.  LOL

Was happy when he got his Dragon Universe.

Gilly was excited to open her loot.

I gave Sophie a panini maker

and her smile got bigger when she got her tower of gifts from PD.

Our Kuya Nicky is so big already!!!!  The eldest and most favorite grandchild of my Mom.

My X-mas presents....

Ate Gina

Kuya Raul

Butch - husband of Ate


I just noticed each one of us had genuine smiles of delight no matter how simple our gifts to each other were.

The real meaning of Christmas for the whole family is being together sharing special happy moments.