Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last "Hurrah" Birthmonth TreatSSS

Today officially marks the end of my Birthday month! Oh what a wonderful month it was! Sooo bountiful!!! Hahaha I became "bountiful" also. I always gain weight every August. Sighs.... it is a reality but I wouldn't change anything in the world.

Corry, the sister of Mona, was the first to treat me this August and she promised to treat me again before the end of the month. Same place ... at Whistle Stop in Jupiter. Mona and Tita Cena joined us.

For the senior citizen we ordered Arroz Caldo. I love arroz caldo! Hahaha I think I love all the food ... but I really am a fan of arroz caldo even if I'm not sick. We tasted a little from Tita Cena's order. It was still bubbling when it was brought to our table.

The Tokwa't Baboy was ok, also. HUGE chunks of airy light fried tokwa.

I ordered the Nachos because it was one of the new ones in the menu. Spicy! I liked the pickled jalapeno.

Of course, what is a Birthday without the pre-requisite Long Life Noodles!

We also had the Boneless Buffalo Wings.

It is comforting to know they are open 24 hours and just a short drive away from me!!!!

Thank you, Corry! Will continue to pray !!!!

And today .... August 31 ..... still another one! Ate treated for lunch and Tita Portia for dessert.

We ate at Gloria Maris Greenbelt.

Lechon Macau, we asked for plum sauce instead of the vinegar dip they served us.

Rich man's fried rice - had a light sauce on top.

Crispy Fried Noodles with Seafood

Fried Prawn with red egg yolk

We had dessert at Bizu.

Blueberry Cheesecake - my Ate loves cheesecake. Good thing I don't like pastries that much. My weaknesses are ice cream and chocolate bars.

Amour - chocolate cake soaked in liquor, probably orange?, then layered with mouse, wrapped around with white chocolate and topped with dark chocolate ribbons.

I am very grateful I have such very nice friends and a wonderful family. I don't need much in the world but I need them.

Thank you, God for all the blessings I have received this month.

Happy Birthday to me everyday of August!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Boracay Birthday Weekend Part 2

Happy Birthday to me! For real already!!!! My friend, Pia, even greeted me Happy REAL Birthday! The first thing I did when I woke up was to wake up Ate and said: It's my Birthday already!!!! (hehehehe she wasn't fully awake yet). Then I ran to the window, lifted the blinds to check if the sun was out. YES!!! Thank you, God! It was bright and sunny.

We had the buffet breakfast at the hotel. I only got bacon, tapa, tuyo, rice and papaya. I couldn't over eat like I did the day before ( I didn't take the med) because I already injected myself with Byetta which will make me lose my appetite and lower blood sugar.

And then.... BEACH time!!!!

The skies were so clear but the wind was quite strong, and waves were really huge! Well, in my opinion they were.

It was a bit daunting at first to step into the ocean but when I saw small kids, about 8 or 9 years old crashing into the waves, it gave me courage. I tried it and it was so much fun!!!

I just had a technical glitch, a small wardrobe malfunction. When I was in Boracay last March, I wore my granny 1 piece bathing suit. I promised myself, this time I was going to wear a 2 piece suit - tankini top and bikini bottom. Actually, I brought 2 pairs, but the other one was not a tankini and Ate said I shouldn't wear it hahahaha but I did actually, only for a short time .... plus it was my Birthday! And who cares??!?!? As I have told my Ate a gazillion times, nobody will mind you in Boracay.

Back to the malfunction ... I almost got out of the water with nothing on!!!! Yikes! No kidding! The waves were really that strong and when it hit me, the bikini bottom rolled down (hahaha not all the way down though) and the tankini top rolled up!!!!! Good thing, I was in chest deep water so I was able to fix my wardrobe. But I learned my lesson. I should always bring 2 kinds of bathing suits, 1 pc. and 2 pc. I brought with me 2 piece and another 2 piece hahahaha. I have about 4 more 1 pc. swimsuits at home.

After playing in the water until 11:30 am (Yes, I know... sun damage but you really wouldn't feel the heat from the sun), My Ate and I got ready for lunch.

We ate at Aria... ordered the carbonara. I'm not a white sauce type of person but "in fairness" (hahahaha I really don't like that cheesy term) their version was really good! I could taste the butter, creamy yolk, bacon bits and parmesan cheese.

and the pizza with 4 toppings : parma ham, anchovies, mushroom and ham and seafood.

I told Ate we should only order either a pizza or just one order of pasta, but she said we should get both. After eating half of the pasta I was really so full already, effect of the meds, but she said I should try and eat the pizza... I did, but only 2 slices. In my last trip I was able to eat 1 whole pizza all by myself!

Then... back to the hotel and changed into my swimsuit again for another round of "surf appreciation". I don't like to do the other activities in Boracay such as island hopping, snorkling, atv, helmet diving, para sailing, etc. I just enjoy swimming in the ocean, crashing into the waves, looking up at the bright skies and thanking God for letting me have a wonderful time.

I was very happy because I was able to hear mass on my Birthday!!! The mass was at 4 pm at the Holy Rosary Parish, just a short walk from the hotel. I was surprised the church has a very good sound system, great choir and they even had industrial sized IWATA evaporative air conditioners!

On our way home, I told my Ate I want to taste the Choco Banana Peanut shake at Jonah's.

She had the Mango avocado shake. (I already took a few sips from her shake.)

We just walked home along the beach and checked out a few hotels on our way back to ours.

When we got back to the hotel I received a call from the front desk clerk. I know this is hard to believe but a friend of mine ( the one who also recommended Seawind to me) called and said the dinner was on her! Another Birthday treat! She is a regular patron of the hotel plus she owns Petals Galore and does the flower arrangements whenever there is a wedding. The hotel has one of the widest beachfronts so weddding receptions are held there all the time.

The staff accompanied us to Siam Chili, a restaurant outlet in Station 2 operated by the same owner of the hotel. The dinner was already prepared for us by the Thai chef.

Fried Spring Rolls with chili sauce.

Tom Yung soup. This is my favorite! I always order it whenever I'm in a Thai resto. I really liked the soup with fresh spices and did not taste like sinigang. It had fresh shrimps, ginger, lemongrass and lime leaves!

Assorted Seafood

Red Chicken Curry

Thank you, Gina De Guzman for the yummy Birthday treat!!!!

The night was not yet over, since we had an early dinner .... Ate and I had an early midnight snack! We had the Boracay Burger at the beachfront of Ambassador in Paradise Hotel. It was really YUM!!! My favorite burger in Manila is at TGIF but I really loved... loved... loved the burger from this hotel, worth coming back for. A bit on the pricey end but then it was my Birthday!

I was so tired that day.... I couldn't write my blog, had to sleep early because the next day was our last and I wanted to maximize my swimming and playing time in the ocean.

Did we wake up early the next day????? What do you think?!?!?? Of course, not! Before going down for breakfast, we already changed into our swimsuits and cover ups .. slathered ourselves with sunblock. Hehehehe I didn't have to buy the aerosol sun block because Ate was there to apply sunblock on my back.

I only ate very little for breakfast because I wanted to go swimming already even if it was a breakfast buffet. The water was relatively calm with smaller waves. I played in the water from 9:30 to 11 am!!!! The are only 2 things I want to do in Boracay .... play in the ocean and eat!

Finally .... the reason why I wanted to go back to Boracay .... to try the Hawaiian Pork Barbecue ribs!!!!

Last March, I already saw the restaurant and the rack of ribs was huge, I was ashamed to order something big enough for 2 people when I was only one. Ate and I shared the medium rack of pork ribs. It was so tender, delicious and the meat was falling off the bone! We asked the cook why it was so tender, he said they boil the ribs with the marinade until tender, then charcoal grilled.

For dessert, we had the lemon cheesecake at Lemon i cafe.

Across was the Burger Bite Club... according to some bloggers, they have the best burger in town. Of course I couldn't leave without trying it even if I was full already. I ordered the burger filled mozzarella for take out. I had a few bites when I got to the hotel. It was just o.k. for me, it wasn't the "best" burger in Boracay for me as most people said but better than your run of the mill burger.

It was time to go home to Manila. I really prayed so hard to God for good weather in Boracay and for Ate and I to enjoy ourselves and to be safe. God has granted my prayers and more.

Thank you, God for giving me the best Birthday weekend ever and for the best ATE in the whole world!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Boracay Birthday Weekend Part 1

Happy Birthday to me everyday!!! Hahahaha Well just an hour to go. I got into trouble celebrating my birthday everyday! I already bought my outfit for the beach a month ago. Good thing I did a dress rehearsal Wednesday night and Lo! and Behold! Some of the clothes I bought didn't fit me! I gained a "little" weight so I had to do an impromtu shopping yesterday.

I was so excited last night I barely slept! I think about 2 hours only. So.... I boarded the plane already and 2 rows behind me I could hear a flute being played by a small boy! I couldn't start my rosary because I was so distracted. I told the steward "Maingay yung bata! Sabihin mo bawal flute sa plane!" hehehe after a few seconds, no more flute sound. Heavenly.

I have a funny flute story. Years ago, my friends and I were on our way to Baguio when I decided to bring my new bamboo flute, to entertain all my friends along the way. Hahaha I never realized how annoying it sounded. My friends really love me hahaha But friendship has a limit... Finally, my friend, Jones - Aura's husband said: Lia! pag nagpreno ako masusubsob ka sa flute na yan!" hahahahahaha so I had to stop playing in the van... but continued when we got to
the house in Baguio. It IS a good thing if I know how to play!!! But I just bought the thing the day before. So use your imagination how I sounded.

I told myself, the first meal I was going to eat when I get to Boracay was the Hawaiian Barbecue ribs!!! But then .... I told my Ate I felt like eating at D'Talipapa. That is equivalent to our Dampa where you buy your own seafood, bring it to a "restaurant" and they charge you for cooking.

It was my first time to eat salt water shrimps and it had "aligue"!!!!

Shrimp with Butter and Garlic

We also ordered Chili Crabs

and Steamed Oysters.

For dessert (Yes! I know I can't have any but I'm on vacation.) we had the:

Don Vito Italian Gelato

Caramel Cheesecake from Cafe del Sol

Calamansi Muffin from Real Coffee.

The "eating" was not yet over! We had the Dinner Buffet at Seawind.

I always eat vegetables now, so I got a little plate of salad. No wonder the Korean girls were so sexy! They just ate salad! Ate said ... look at what bugs bunny is getting! Then I looked at the salad station, the Korean girl was just getting tons and tons of carrots and leaves with no dressing! And they look like they were enjoying their food. I told Ate: "Siguro ang sungit natin kung salad lang kainin."

I liked their chicken chowder because it did not taste like they just opened a can of soup. Had 2 servings. Had real bits of chicken and vegetables.

I also liked their pork barbecue! Mayette would have loved the thinly sliced porkchop and then grilled. Sorry, dark picture.

I had to try their Spaghetti Bolognese.

My Ate and I love oysters but we had to control ourselves, too much will give us an upset stomach.They gave me 3 dipping sauces: melted butter, browned garlic in olive oil and vinegar with onions and soy sauce.

I had the salt water shrimps again with aligue!

Salad Station

Grilled meat and seafood Station

Pasta Station

Dessert Station

When I wake up it is going to be my birthday already! Yay! Ate and I plan to eat in all the places we want! I'm on a diet holiday again!