Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Creamy Garlic Noodles With Grilled Shrimps

I have a new experiment and I really loved it!  I usually do not like cream sauce but I am ok with this.

Creamy Garlic Noodles With Grilled Shrimps

12 pcs. (400 grams) shrimps, butterflied (cut open from the top and split open)
salt for seasoning the shrimps while grilling
6 cloves garlic, chopped finely
1/2 C. butter
1 pc. Knorr Chicken cube
250 grams all purpose cream
2 T. truffle flavored oil (optional)
4 T. grated parmesan cheese
250 grams spaghetti noodles, cooked until al dente

Melt butter in a pan then add the garlic. 

Cook the garlic until fragrant and light brown in color.

Drain the garlic and set the butter aside.

In the same pan, add about 2 T. melted butter and grill the shrimps a few pieces at a time.  Season with a little salt then set aside. Repeat until all the shrimps are cooked.

In another pan, pour the remaining melted butter and the garlic then add the Knorr chicken cube.

When the cube has dissolved, add the cream and truffle oil and let it boil.

Then add the noodles, toss untill well coated.

Transfer in a serving dish, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. 

Put the pan grilled shimps on top of the noodles and garnish with chopped parsley.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Hello 49!

I celebrated my 49th birthday in Seoul!

My Sister, Gina, also known as "Ate" and her husband, Butch, joined me in this trip.

So, instead of a selfie, I had someone who took my picture at the airport!  We arrived very late in Incheon.  I was very happy with the 4g Wifi of KT Olleh which I rented from Klook.  I picked it up at their counter between exits 6 and 7.

We arranged for an airport car transfer via Klook, as well.  So reliable! I've used the car service several times already in Hong Kong, Bangkok and now in Korea.

My favorite hotel is New Kukje Hotel in between the Seoul Finance Center and City Hall.

It's along their main road like Ayala Avenue.  Walking distance to Myeondong Shopping Street.

The front desk staff whose name is Benjamin always upgrades me to a corner room with an airconditioning unit on the ceiling facing the main road.  I do not like centralized aircon because I cannot control the temperature. Everybody knows, my default temprature is 17 or 18.

As soon as Benjamin and I see each other he would immediately greet me, "Welcome back, Ms. Imperial!"

I brought Lulubelle with me this time. I bought her from Hamley's because she is a Westie, just like Snowball.

I gave her the other bed, the smaller one.

After we checked in to our rooms after midnight, we went down to look for a restaurant which was still open.  We ended up in Mc Donalds because everything was closed already.

Shrimp Burger!

They cook their fries differently in Seoul. So much better than way we cook our fries in Manila.

I usually try something we do not have here in Manila.

Strawberry Sundae Cone.

Happy Birthday in Dunkin Donuts!

I have to have my donut fix when I am in Seoul! I even brought my own candle to celebrate my birthday!

It was raining hard so we only went to stores connected to the train stations.  Lotte Mart at Seoul Station where we bought most of the stuff for pasalubong.  Then in the evening we went to Myeondong.  It was just drizzling.

My favorite store is Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

It is where I find stuff to buy for Snowball.

There are also other cute novelty items.

My birthday dinner was at Gangnam Myeonok Myeongdong.

It is on the 5th floor of the McDonalds building in Myeongdong beside Daiso.  The landmark is Boots.

We had the Galbijjim!

I have always wanted to try it but it comes in a big serving.  I cannot possible eat it all.

It is hard to be a solo traveler in Seoul because most of the restaurants would require 2 diners for them to fire up the grill or they require you to order 2 of each.  So, good thing I had companions this time!

Next day, the breakfast was at Holly's Cafe!  I really loved the iced coffee.

I thought of Shey who loves coffee! Whenever we are in Hong Kong she would always ask me to look for new coffee shops for her.

I just bought Dunkin Donuts for take out.

While it was not raining yet, we went to Cheonggyechon Stream.

 Hahaha our "scenery" pictures for this trip!  They know I do not like to go sight seeing  plus Ate and her family have been to Seoul before on a tour so they saw all the "sights" already.

Itinerary for the day was iPark Mall!

Hahahaha Ate said to take a picture of the "sights".

I loved the mall.  It is accessible via the Yongsan Station.

I suddenly missed my Baliw travel group.  It was in this station where we got the train to Nami Island.

I bought a small portable hanging fan!

Feelings of regret, I did not buy the small JBL speakers.

E-mart was located on the basement level of the mall.  I enjoyed shopping in the store.

It was raining really hard in Seoul I had to buy a bigger umbrella and my windbreaker got soaked.  We just had dinner at TwoTwo chicken nearby and had a platter of Korean fried chicken.


My most favorite street food in Seoul!  I bought it and brought it back to the hotel.  Thinly sliced fishcakes boiled in a flavorful broth.

Last day! It was not raining! Time to head to Nandaemun Market!

Gate 1 of Nandaemun Market

I felt nostalgic again and missed my friends because we went there the last time.

I bought their local donut!  Bicho Bicho!

We just bought a few pasalubong items and I was able to buy a Westie bag!

I was a happy camper.  Then it was time to check out of the hotel.

Lunch was at Hanradam, just a few hundred meters away from the hotel.  Everytime I would pass by, I would always inhale the aroma of meat being grilled!

Finally!  I was able to eat because again, they require at least 2 diners to eat in their restaurant.

We had to order 2 Braised Beef and 2 orders of meat for grilling.

OMG! The braised beef was so good!

But after a forkful you will taste the heat at the end.


You have to eat it with rice and then eat a piece of lettuce and then a spoonfulful of soup and lastly, drink a glass of cold tea.

Then repeat for every forkful of the braised beef.

We could not help ourselves.  Even if it was so spicy to the point that it burned our tongues, we could not stop eating it.

Grilled pork belly, plain and hand marinated.

We all prefered the marinated pork.

There is an 8 story Daiso in Myeongdong (Myeongdong subway exit 2).

Dessert was in Myendong at Sulbing Cafe.

We had the Cheese flavored Snow ice.

And Honey Butter Toast with ice cream.

I stayed on in Myeondong to buy last minute "orders" of lipsticks for friends.  And to check out the street food!

Finally! Hotteok! Korean sweet pancakes with brown sugar filling.  I guess it is their version of piyaya.

Lots and lots of streetfood in Myeongdong shopping area.

Myeongdong Cathedral.  I was planning on hearing mass on my birthday but I was able to do so.

I just prayed in the grotto.  I could not go up anymore to the church.

Our average steps per day were betweem 20,000 to 25,000!!!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Guanzon for celebrating my 49th birthday with me in Seoul!


When I was younger I thought 49 was such an old age for a person.  But here I am... on that age level.

Age is just a number, it is not a state of being.  Although, at times I could feel "it"!  I would feel pain in my knees and have a hard time standing up from sitting for quite a period of time.

My niece, Gilly, has always been amazed by my appearance.  She said I found the secret to the eternal fountain of youth.  I do not think she could say that anymore.  I have wrinkles now on my face which I call my battle scars.  Plus let's not forget the fact that I love going to the beach, sun damage.

I guess it is my outlook in life that helps me look younger than my age. I am a happy person because I have learned to accept the things that I cannot or would not change.  I have learned to forgive myself.  I am at peace.

And most importantly, I have the love of my family and friends who accept me for who and what I am.

What you see is what you get!

Hihihihi  This photo was taken when I woke up on my birthday in Seoul.  I love to shock my friends when I send them my "woke up like this" photo.  My caption was: I asked my hairdresser to give my hair volume! Hahahaha But not Lionking!

They have embraced my imperfections and love me despite of all my flaws.

Thank you!


I bought Snowball a toy pig from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

I got myself a sleeping bear but she thought it was for her!  I told her, No! It's mine!

In the end, I let her play with it and sleep with my bear.