Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My New Inspiration

I have a new inspiration. Her name is Sunshine and she is my cousin. Our grandparents were first cousins.

I have never met Sunshine in person but we became FB friends. One of these days, we plan to see each other.

She recently posted her photos in FB.

And since then .... She became my inspiration.

I shared her post with my friends and proudly showed them the transformation of my cousin.

In our private message exchanges, I asked her what she did to accomplish her monumental task.

She started her weight loss journey last year, February 2014 and after 16 months....

.... a new Sunshine.

I asked her permission if I can share her weight loss success story in my blog.

Patience and discipline were the most important ingredients to her success.

Diet alone was not enough. She said that I should choose a muscle toning exercise that I enjoy whether it is running, jogging, Zumba, going to the gym or muay Thai.

She tried the no rice or bread diet but she did not last and started to crave more.

What really worked for her was eat everything but in moderation. She eats 6 small meals a day.

I am doing LCHF to lower my blood sugar. I have been mostly off grains for 3 months now.

I almost gave in to my craving last night! I wanted to eat pan de Sal and siopao and almost drove to Jupiter to buy bread from Pan de Manila and Asado siopao from 7 Eleven.

Then...... I saw this post in FB!

I immediately lost my craving for wheat!

This is not an advertisement for some diet product or treatment. This is a post from a real person!

If it can happen to someone I "personally" know ( well ... We will soon rectify that)... Then it can happen to me!

It can happen to my friends!

It can happen to you!

One of the reasons why she posted her "before and after" pictures was to show the world that a single mother of 3 can still love herself by taking good care of her physical self.

I'm ready!

I can do this!

I plan to buy new running shoes because my 2008 pair is already smiling at me!

I already have a "before" picture!

I've had it for years!

I am just waiting to post the "after" picture!

Ummmmm..... Hopefully, in this lifetime!


Seriously... I am so inspired by my cousin, Sunshine Imperial.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Instant Lunch Dates

Pinky and Dra. Cristina were my instant lunch dates today!

It started with the picture I posted in FB and in our private Viber group.

I posted a picture of Pork Sinigang I cooked the other day.

What's wrong with this picture?!?!

What is missing?!?

When I cook Sinigang, what do you always see?!?

FAT! Jiggly Wiggly Fat!

I bought this "Pang Sigang" cut of meat in the Supermarket. It was spareribs! All meat and bones! No fat!

The broth was very flavorful. I simmered it for 2 hours plus I used natural tamarind pods.

But..... I was not excited about it.

Apparently.... I have friends who like this kind of Sinigang! Healthy Sinigang! So I invited Pinky and Cristina.

I was really not happy with my "healthy" Sinigang. I decided to sauté it with tomatoes!

Can you spot the difference?!?!

Now you can see it is "shimmery"!

Have I mentioned that it was a Buy One Take One pack of "pang Sigang" ?

I cooked the 2nd pack, Adobo style.

Still, I was not happy because I just simmered it in vinegar, soysauce, garlic, peppercorn and bay leaf.

"Hermie! Can you pound one head of garlic, please!?"

I toasted the garlic in oil and sautéed the Spareribs Adobo!

At least I can see the oil now!!!

My obsession at the moment is Lumpia. All kinds of Lumpia.

Cristina brought lots of goodies for me!

Including the Fried Sinaing na Tulingan from Batangas.

Pinky gave me a pack of Chocolates and ginger tea!

Sometimes it is better if we do not plan when we are going to see each other.

What really works for us is ... Instant Lunch Dates!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Pour Oils Over Foods" By Dr. William Davis

Would you consider pouring oil over your food?!

I have been doing this since forever!

People think I have a death wish because I am always eating fat!

But..... Dr. William Davis said, Have a Fat Fest!

I get frustrated at times when people are afraid of fat!

I wish they would read more on the subject because they are still clinging to old fashioned flawed views!

I am NOT making this up!!!!

This is what my "liquid gold" looks like.

I was able to collect just about 1/4 C from the Lechon Belly I cooked in the turbo broiler and drizzled it over the Pancit Sotanghon I cooked for Saturday's lunch.

My Ate did not want to eat it! I had to beg and told her to try a little.

When I cooked it a couple of weeks ago for my KST catering, Mona only ate 2 spoonsful because she said, she was afraid.

Wake up, people!!!!!

Read on!

I am posting some paragraphs from Dr. William's Wheat Belly Blog.

Come on! Fat won't kill you and will not cause cardio vascular disease.

Refined carbs and sugar will.

I am trying so hard to eliminate those two from my diet but it is so hard.

Everyday is a struggle. I am not going to give up.

I will try my very best to bring my sugar down.



Friday, June 26, 2015

An Evening with Schoolmates

My Manila-based schoolmates and I organized a get together for our friends who are home in the Philippines at the moment.

Donabelle and Sarah Jane.

I asked them to bring food for sharing with a Pinoy theme.

Hermie and I cooked Fried Lumpiang Ubod.

Dra. Cristina, our ever reliable Pork BBQ a supplier!

Rellenong Bangus from Pinky.

Miko and Jodie ordered from Olan's:

Pancit Malabon

Lumpiang Shanghai

Janette and Candy brought Pork Adobo.

Bibo cooked a very special Fish Curry with Mongo!

What made it special was the fish used was caught by her son, Mickey, in Tali. She also brought several bottles of wine and "Charlie Peanuts"!

Who remembers it? I used to buy it from Insular Bakery. It came in a yellow and white plastic bag.

Marianne and Cath brought soda, chips, dip and Nathaniel's Buko Pandan.

Dodai baked a dessert I could eat! Nutella Brownies!

She just used 4 eggs and 1 Cup Nutella!

Christine brought a dessert I could not eat but ate a very small 1x1 slice of Chocolate Cake from Chocolat!

As of this writing, I am so tempted to eat the leftover cake!

God, help me!!!

Hermie is down with the flu so we just used paper plates and paper cups.

As usual, it was a fun night!

Lots of catching up!

I am so glad we were able to make our balikbayans happy tonight.

Thank you, girls!

The night would not have been a success without everybody's help!



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Junkies Cooking Night at Batcave 2

Where is Batcave 2?

Shey recently gave birth, her daughter is two months old! She wants to hang out with us but she has to feed her baby every 2 hours.

So..... If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Batcave 2 is Shey's house!

We did all our cooking and eating there tonight.

Pancit Palabok was our experiment.

Our sexy chef was so hard at work, chopping the spring onions and kinchay!

Look how wonderful! Monumental and Epic! For the books!!!

Hahahaha Cat... In the kitchen!

Cat.... Cooking in the kitchen!

Well, it was a team effort as well.

The sauce was made from the pounded heads of 2 kilos shrimps.

The different palabok toppings...

sliced eggs, flaked tinapa, boiled shrimps, toasted garlic, spring onions, tokwa with kinchay and Kalamansi.

The fried tokwa was for the tokwa't Baboy.

We also ordered pork BBQ from Heaven's.

The Pancit Palobok was very good!

Better than commercial made Pancit.

Not bad for a first experiment.

I just need to practice more to get the hang of it.





Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crab with Ginger and Garlic in Chili Sauce

Today was a great day for cooking because it was not that hot.

I went to Farmer's Market in the morning because Kuya wanted to eat seafood on Father's Day. They could not go out and celebrate because Renzo and Sophia are both sick, down with the flu.

I bought shrimps, pusit and crabs for Kuya. He gave me a medium sized steamed alimango. I did not want to eat it plain as the day. So I experimented.

Crab with Ginger and Garlic in Chili Sauce

1 pc. 500 g. medium sized crab, (cleaned, steamed and quartered)

1/4 C. Cooking oil

2 T. Ginger, sliced thinly then chopped

2 T. Garlic, chopped

White part onion leeks, sliced into 1 inch length

Green part of the onion leeks, sliced thinly for garnishing


2 T. Cholimex or Maggi Chili Sauce

1 T. Heinz Tomato ketchup

2 t. Kikkoman soysauce

2 t. Oyster sauce

2 t. White sugar

2 T. Water.

Mix the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl and set aside.

Heat the oil in the wok. Add the garlic, ginger and white part of the leeks. When fragrant, add the quartered crab.

Pour in the sauce. Simmer until thick. Transfer onto a serving plate and garnish with the green part of the leeks.