Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My New Inspiration

I have a new inspiration. Her name is Sunshine and she is my cousin. Our grandparents were first cousins.

I have never met Sunshine in person but we became FB friends. One of these days, we plan to see each other.

She recently posted her photos in FB.

And since then .... She became my inspiration.

I shared her post with my friends and proudly showed them the transformation of my cousin.

In our private message exchanges, I asked her what she did to accomplish her monumental task.

She started her weight loss journey last year, February 2014 and after 16 months....

.... a new Sunshine.

I asked her permission if I can share her weight loss success story in my blog.

Patience and discipline were the most important ingredients to her success.

Diet alone was not enough. She said that I should choose a muscle toning exercise that I enjoy whether it is running, jogging, Zumba, going to the gym or muay Thai.

She tried the no rice or bread diet but she did not last and started to crave more.

What really worked for her was eat everything but in moderation. She eats 6 small meals a day.

I am doing LCHF to lower my blood sugar. I have been mostly off grains for 3 months now.

I almost gave in to my craving last night! I wanted to eat pan de Sal and siopao and almost drove to Jupiter to buy bread from Pan de Manila and Asado siopao from 7 Eleven.

Then...... I saw this post in FB!

I immediately lost my craving for wheat!

This is not an advertisement for some diet product or treatment. This is a post from a real person!

If it can happen to someone I "personally" know ( well ... We will soon rectify that)... Then it can happen to me!

It can happen to my friends!

It can happen to you!

One of the reasons why she posted her "before and after" pictures was to show the world that a single mother of 3 can still love herself by taking good care of her physical self.

I'm ready!

I can do this!

I plan to buy new running shoes because my 2008 pair is already smiling at me!

I already have a "before" picture!

I've had it for years!

I am just waiting to post the "after" picture!

Ummmmm..... Hopefully, in this lifetime!


Seriously... I am so inspired by my cousin, Sunshine Imperial.



  1. Yes Lia! With focus and determination you can achieve wonders that will be an inspiration to those who aspire for the same! :)

    1. Hi Michelle! I took my first step today! I bought a pair of running shoes. Hahahahaha Not that I literally took a step!