Friday, June 12, 2015

My Overseas Friends

My lunch guests today were my overseas friends.

We have known each other since elementary years!

Pinky.... Been away most of the time working at the Royal Carribean Cruise Lines

Sarah Jane ... Has been working in Doha, Qatar for several years now.

Dodai... Who has been away for the past 30 years but is back now in the Philippines because her husband has been assigned here for 3 years.

I experimented with Binagoongan Baboy!

Oh look! It is swimming in natural pork oil!

Red Egg salad

Fried Lumpiang Ubod

Kilawing Puso ng Saging

I asked Pinky to join us for lunch in a text message. Her reply was, she will just drop by.

Then I texted back, "I have Tinapang Bangus!"

"Ok, I'm leaving the house at 11:15!"

Hahahahaha so easy to bait Pinky. She loves Bangus in any form.

She brought Lola Idang's Pancit Malabon.

Lisa said she likes it so much! Even if I am grain free/LCHF, I tried the Pancit!

Dodai brought Lord Stowe Egg Tarts!

I scooped out the filling.

She also brought me a solar powered dancing flower and chocolate!

Sarah gave me lots of pasalubong!

Bag from Doha!

Pashmina scarf

2 bottles of wine

Carribean Rum Cake

And.... BIG bar of Toblerone Chocolate!

My favorite!

I did not share my chocolate and I have no plans of sharing ever!

Call me whatever name you like but I am still not sharing!


We are planning another get together with most of my schoolmates.

I have another classmate coming home for a vacation from the U.S. this June.

It was such an enjoyable experience to be with my 3 gradeschool friends from the overseas!

Thank you!




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