Monday, December 31, 2012

Homemade Potato Chips

One of the reasons why I always go to Boracay is the Homemade Chips of Mama's

Marcus, the owner, was kind enough to share his "trade secret" with me.

Homemade Chips

1. Use a peeler to slice the potatoes.
2. Lay the slices on a kitchen towel.
3. Use Minola cooking oil and drop the slices one at a time.
4. Remove from the frying pan using a slotted spoon or wire strainer.
5. Season with salt.

Whew!!! Super worth the effort! I finished one plate of homemade chips in one sitting!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chocolate-Dipped Potato Crisp Gelato

I was suddenly attracted by the new Gelato place in SM Makati called, BONO.

I ordered the Chocolate-Dipped Potato Crisp Gelato.

I got the smallest cup... as small as a shot glass!!!

But it was soooo good! I liked it!   I loved the blend of the salty crisps and the bitterness of the chocolate.

I've had that flavor before at Sebastian's years ago.

I ordered another cup....

Rocky Road...

but I prefer the one with the potato crisp.

The next flavors I am going to try are....


and Mad About Malt.

The other flavors of the day .....

They make the gelato on-site

and they make a fresh batch everyday.

You will not see their ice cream, they are covered with tin because.....

Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Mini-Reunion" with my Dad's Relatives

I already mentioned before that my family is very small but not my Dad's family from Legazpi City. He came from the very HUGE Imperial clan. I am not very close to the whole lot but my favorite is my Dad's sister, Auntie Betty. She visited us today with her my cousin, Pepot and his family.

I cooked Chicken Pastel.....

Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti.....

Fried Lumpiang Ubod....

Molo soup.

Since I am a little incapacitated because of my CTS, I could not prepare more food... So Ate asked me to buy Pork Barbecue at Salcedo Market this morning.

She also brought Mocha Cake from Red Ribbon.

My Kuya brought Chocolate and Mango Ice cream.

I just realized something..... I am a Grandmother already!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Hahaha! The daughter of my niece was also my guest.

I enjoyed our "minni-reunion" with my relatives.

Vietnamese Pho

I am already so sick of Holiday food I just had a bowl of Vietnamese Pho at PowerPlant after mass. I am still dreaming of the chao long soup I had at Rene's Saigon in Puerto Princesa. One of these days, I will try to experiment but I have to have another taste before I could do so!

Vietnamese Beef Tenderloin with Meatballs

Friday, December 28, 2012

Out of Commission

I have been so busy during the holidays, baking and cooking. Now, I am out of commission and I have to wear my wrist brace for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I have one for day time and another one for sleeping.

My nieces, Gilly and Sophie are staying with me at the moment. Good thing, Gilly helped me with the baking. They are both 13 years old and it is not hard to take care of them anymore. They even helped out with setting the table, etc.

It was so enjoyable dining with them because I usually eat alone. I am very happy they have big appetites..... Hehehe! Just like their Aunt!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas, Lia!

My Christmas post is a little bit late because I have been playing with my new toy!

Ever since I can remember .... we always celebrate Christmas on the 25th at lunch time.  And our food has always been Lechon and Pesang Manok.  I do not know why ..... but we continued with the tradition.

A lot of people would prepare the usual holiday food .... but I could cook them any time .... so I suppose .... it was not special anymore for us.

I CANNOT cook Lechon!  My friends and I dream of roasting our own pig.  I told them we would take turns in turning the spit.  Mayette said, she already found a pig farm and we could choose the pig we want to roast.  I told her, I will NOT eat a pig which I have seen alive a few hours ago!!!! I do not mind if it is dead and dressed, ready for roasting.

This year, we ordered from "Aling Loring's".  I checked SPOT PH's Top 10 lechon in Manila.  According to some people, that is where Erap sometimes get his lechon.

We ordered the size good for 40-50 people according to the guy on the telephone.

We were able to eat our favorite parts to our heart's content!!!!

I got skin and ribs!!!!  I do not like the meat.  I had 2 servings!!!

Most people are afraid for me .... they are always saying I should watch out for my fat intake because of cholesterol but people do not know ..... that my cholesterol count sometimes is even lower than normal!!! And I cook using pork lard!

Lucky me because my most favorite food is Lechon!

My family is very small....

It is just my Ate and her family ....

Kuya and Sophie...

Our little boy Renzo is down with Pneumonia, he could not join the festivities and his Mom was taking care of him.  Poor little guy!!!  And to think he was so excited about Christmas.

PD and her "dog" Busy....

PD and Lia....

and of course... my four-legged child .... Wriggly!

He was even included in the gift-giving!  PD bought him his favorite snack at Bow Wow.

Hehehe! Even his food is "wheat-free"!

After we had lunch at my house, we went upstairs to open our gifts.

We had Hot Fudge Sundae for dessert but I forgot to take pictures.

It takes us forever to open gifts because we would watch each one as they unwrap their presents.

We always start from youngest to oldest .... since the little boy was missing in action ..... it was...

Gilly's turn first ....

Then... Sophie's....

Kuya (of Gilly) Nicky was next .....

Lia ..... ( as usual .... not too many pictures of me since I am the photographer)...

Ate Gina ....

Kuya Raul.... hehehe trying to guess what I gave him.

Butch...... (husband of Ate)

and .... PD!!!!  Kuya, Ate and I gave her an IPAD!

And my most favorite gift of Christmas 2012.......

From.... Kuya!!! My new toy.... an IPAD!

It was indeed a Merry Christmas, Lia!