Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sans Rival .... For the Love of ....

I just baked Sans Rival today!  Well .... almost the whole afternoon.

I will give it as a birthday gift to my Ate and her husband, Butch.  I have been giving them this present for several years now.  What can you give people who have everything they need or want?

This is not something I would bake often.  The degree of difficulty for me is very high.  Even if you give me a gazillion pesos to bake for you, I will not accept the offer.

I only do this once or twice a year to show my love and appreciation to my family.  I will also bake one for my Kuya on his birthday, December 23.

Sans Rival is wheat-free by the way.  Maybe I do not bake this often because it is not my favorite.  Actually ... I do not have any favorite pastry.

I hope it tastes good! I even used French unsalted butter for the buttercream!

Crossing my fingers!!!

Recipe: Sans Rival

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