Saturday, November 30, 2013

Waugh's Curry Powder

I was able to buy my favorite Waugh's Curry Powder in Bangkok!

It is made in the UK but repacked in Thailand. My first bottle was given to me by Tita Chit a few years ago. I tried the other brands here in Manila but I did not like them.

For our Family Saturday lunch, I cooked our favorite Chicken Curry!

With our usual condiments and Waitrose Mango Chutney.

Best eaten with Sweet Potato in syrup.

I also cooked Thai Grilled Pork Belly

and used the palm sugar Tita Jit gave me.

Lumpiang Hubad, to satisfy our fiber requirements.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bangkok Eating Tour

When I posted a check-in status in FB that I was at the International Airport, my friends asked me where I was going and what I was going to do. Ms. Ann: Lia, are you going on a culinary tour? I replied....

"I am going on an Eating Tour!"

I was with PD, her agenda was shopping.

I was so impressed with her. How can she go around the shopping centers from the time the mall opens at 10 until it closes at 9?!?! Then.... She still had the energy to go to the night market AFTER the mall closed down for the night?!?! That was incredible!

My agenda was food, food, food and more food.

Let me take you on my eating tour by themes.


A visit to Bangkok is not complete without eating at Somboon Seafood Restaurant at their Surawong Branch.

Their specialty is Fried Curry Crab.

The crab was sweet and meaty!

I loved their pan-fried oysters!

My memory served me correctly. The first time I tried it a few years ago, the oyster burst in my mouth! So plump and juicy. This time... The experience was the same.

We also ordered Eggplant with Salted Fish Hot Pot.

Fai Sor Kam - Northern Thai Cuisine

I had the Green Chicken Curry with Shrimp Cakes

I did not want to leave Bangkok without trying their Phad Thai so I ordered from the hotel's Room Service.

The presentation was so pretty! I thought the serving was so small but when I unwrapped the banana leaf, the serving was quite huge. I was not able to finish it.

Thai-Teochew Cuisine:

Ping's Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant

Oyster Omelette Hot Plate

Fried Prawns with Chili and Garlic

Fried Rice with Crabmeat


We had lunch at Shangrila Restaurant in Chinatown. We just ordered 1 whole Peking Duck served two ways!

Ohhh what can I say! I loved it! I only ate one piece with wrapper.... The rest...

I unwrapped because of the wheat content. So it was just pure crispy duck skin dipped in Hoisin Sauce!

The second way was cooked with pork sausage and minced duck meat over fried rice noodles and served with lettuce.

It was not greasy at all!!!

Just for the duck, I would be willing to go back to Bangkok. I am not a duck eater... I prefer suckling pig but ... Shangrila's duck? It turned me into a convert.

Of course I had to try their Pork and Shrimp Sio Mai.


BBQ Plaza - grilled meat and seafood


Din Tai Fung

Pork Dumplings

Pork and Crab Dumpling

We just had a late buffet breakfast but I wanted to try the dumplings! Din Tai Fung has won many awards of excellence, one of which was Bangkok's Restaurant of the year for 2013. It has many branches all over the world.

The wrapper did not break at all!


I met with Tita Chit and Ryan.

Hahaha Showing off her new IPhone 5s.

Tita Chit is Jing's very close relative and she always gives me some kind of seasoning or cooking ingredient from Bangkok whenever she visits the Philippines.

They treated me for a late lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant. Thank you!!!

Chawan Mushi

Potato Salad


Barbecued Squid

Tempura Bento Box

I wanted to spend more time with Tita Jit and tour Bangkok but I did not have enough time.



Grilled Pork Chop

Grilled Pork Loin

From the salad bar....


An order of Iced Tea at TWG.

We were billeted at Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

The views from our two floor to ceiling windows....


Buying clothes in Bangkok is not an option for me. The sizes are really so minuscule and if you see the women, they are so slim!!!!! Their bodies are like that of a mannequin's! So I just bought several bags and.....

Lots of snacks! I had a carry on and half a suitcase full of snacks!

My potato chips collection.....

Cheese curls collection....

Thai delicacies....

I also bought ingredients for cooking.

I wanted to buy more but grocery items are quite heavy. As it was, the baggage allowance went over by 2 kilograms.

Tita Jit asked me what I wanted from Bangkok! I said I wanted Palm Sugar.

I cannot wait to go back to Bangkok to enjoy the local scenery and learn how to cook! I have a standing invitation from Tita Jit!

I hope you enjoyed my "Eating Tour" of Bangkok as much as I did.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Of course, I had to buy pasalubong for my baby boy!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Have a Confession.....

Jing and I held a garage sale last Friday to raise funds for the typhoon victims.

Our own little way of Paying It Forward.

On my FB status the other day, I wrote that the proceeds from the sale might not be big but every cent matters.

I was happy with the amount I was able to generate. I earmarked a portion for a small box of toiletries, earmarked another portion for cash donation and....

This is my confession.....

I used a very small portion for lunch! Jing and I ate at Banana Leaf in Rockwell after the sale.

My Ate said, "Lia!!! How could you use that money for food when a lot of people are going without in the Visayas!?!"

I had to justify to myself that I worked hard to raise funds, so I did not see anything wrong in using it for food. And lunch was just a simple affair of Chicken Satay and a shared order of Nasi Goreng.

Should I feel guilty every time I eat out with friends? Should I feel guilty that I am living in my comfortable home while the people in the Visayas are sleeping out in the open? Should I feel guilty that the Super Typhoon did not pass thru Manila? Should I feel guilty that I am well and alive but other people were not as fortunate?

I am glad that people everywhere, whether in the Visayas or here in Manila, are picking up the pieces after the storm. I have seen news footages of people starting to rebuild their homes and lives and that the government has mobilized its assets.

The humanitarian aid from other countries was such a surprise to me! We cried out for help.... And just like that... They were all on their way to the Philippines! I am very overwhelmed and grateful that our allies have shown their love for us.

I will remember to pray for my fellow countrymen in Central Visayas and for the people who helped us in our moment of despair and need.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

After Typhoon Yolanda - Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion

I was watching the news about the devastation that Yolanda have wrought upon the Central Visayas Region. It made me sad because I felt the pain of the victims. I even cried while watching the news report of Ted Failon.

I am trying to process my feelings right now. The disaster was a trauma for all but especially for those who were physically affected by Yolanda.

I did a quick research on the internet about the differences between Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion.

This website explained the differences clearly and simply. I did not have a hard time understanding it.

"Sympathy is feeling sorry for another's hurt or pain."

"Sometimes sympathy can tip into pity."

"Pity is an emotion that tends to dehumanize and belittle."

That is why I do not like it when I hear people say... Oh I feel so sorry for so and so.... I pity her... Or So and so is so pitiful.

I, myself, do not like to be pitied! Do you think the people in the Visayas would like to be pitied? Do you think they want to hear, Kawawa naman yung mga taga Visayas!

After reading the article, I understand now why that emotion is so abhorrent to me!

Empathy.... That is more my style.

"Empathy - walking in another's shoes."

"You do not need to have experienced exactly the same events as the person who is suffering but you do need to have the ability to really imagine how they must be feeling in their situation."

Compassion, I thought the word compassion meant feeling sorry for another person but I am mistaken.

"Compassion - love in action"

"If empathy is the ability to really experience some of the feelings of pain that another person is feeling, then compassion is to translate that feeling into action."

"True compassion reaches out to all people, no matter whether they are your friends or not, and even to all living creatures. It is the ability and willingness to stand alongside someone and to put their needs before your own."

I have my own plan of action. After feeling empathic... Now I will be compassionate.

I am very lucky I have a special guest this week!

I have the Blessed Virgin Mary! I can talk to her and pray for everybody especially for the Filipinos in the Visayas.

I do have a lot of food shots this weekend but I will refrain from posting them today. It is my equivalent of " a moment of silence".