Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sleepover with Mona

Yay! Mona was my "sleepover" guest last night! What does that mean?! Food and drinks!

Ever since I learned how to make Frozen Margarita, I have been experimenting with different ingredients. Bibo is my "Mixology" teacher. She advised me to use Vodka instead of Tequila.

Wonders of wonders! My allergies cleared because of Vodka! I was so surprised I felt so much better the next day. Tita Malyne even told the story of how one King from Russia suffered so badly from allergic rhinitis, he had Vodka brought from Italy to Russia. Apparently, it cured him! So.... There is a basis for my claim that Vodka is good for me!

I was so ecstatic the Frozen Margarita I made last night was soooooo "slushy"!

Mona and Shey were happy campers too.

Cat was also with us but Tricia was not feeling well so she stayed home.

We had chips and dips with our Frozen Margarita!

I should call it.... Frozen Delight!

I invited Tita Cena for lunch today.

I cooked Salmon Sinigang for her.

Ohhh she brought Shrimp Salad for me! My favorite!

I was talking to her the other day on the phone and told her when she makes her Shrimp Salad to give me some! She also brought Buco Pandan Salad.

I wanted Mona to try my new pork BBQ recipe with Soy- vinegar dip.

This is how PD likes her Pork BBQ.

I invited my Junk Food Friends.... Told them if they have time, they can also try my BBQ. Shey and Tricia joined us for lunch.

Shey asked her driver to get us Starbucks coffee! I was able to try the Toffee Nut Latte!

I do not know why I was so tired. I was just planning to take a cat (Lion) nap this afternoon and when I opened my eyes, it was 5 pm already!

I do enjoy Mona's company so much because she loves to eat!!!! And now.... She also loves to "drink"!


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