Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tender Juicy Lechon Manok and Visayan Lumpiang Ubod

My family and I had our weekly lunch today. As usual .... Beef Nilaga with Corn, Pechay and Chinese Cabbage for Gilly(she only likes the broth). The corn I bought in Farmer's was very sweet! The turbo chicken was tender and juicy! My Ate and Kuya even asked me how I cooked it. Kuya said, whenever his maids make turbo chicken, it was always dry and tough.

I finally discovered how to do the Visayan Lumpiang ubod! It is my favorite vegetable dish! I surfed the sites and combined the ingredients and techniques. Not bad for my first experiment. The lumpiang ubod I used to make was the regular kind with brown sauce and the wrapper was too crepe-like. Now I have a new wrapper recipe from Nonoy, the cook of Mayette's sister. She said, she follows the recipe from Let's Cook with Nora.

Visayan Lumpiang Ubod

1 K. Ubod, cut into thin strips and soaked in water or water with milk to prevent discoloration. (I did not soak in water with milk so it became a little dark in color.)

2 T. cooking oil

garlic, crushed

onion, chopped

1/4 K. pork, minced (Buy pork and mince it finely, don't use ground pork.)

150 grams shrimps, chopped finely

1-2 t. rock salt

2 T. patis (or accordining to your taste)

1/2 C. white sugar (You can lessen the amount, I just like it VERY sweet.)

1 - 1 1/2 C. water

Saute garlic and onions in oil. Add the minced pork, when it is no longer pink add the shrimps. Then the rinsed and drained ubod. Continue sauteing for a few minutes, season with salt and patis. Add water and sugar little by little according to taste. When the ubod is tender, transfer to a colander and drain. Reserve the broth for the sauce.

Lumpia Sauce

1 1/2 C. broth (add water if less than 1 1/2 C)

1/4 C. sugar

2 T. cornstarch dispersed in 2 T. water

1 T. garlic, minced

In a saucepan, combine the broth, water and sugar. When it boils, add the cornstarch mixture slowly, stirring continuously until thick. Turn off heat and add the garlic to the sauce.

Lumpia Wrapper (Nora Daza cookbook) - 12 pieces

2 eggs, separated

1/2 C. corntarch dispersed in 1 C. water

Beat egg whites until frothy then add the beaten egg yolks. Beat for a few seconds then add the cornstarch mixture.

Heat a non-stick frying pan, grease using paper napkin with cooking oil. Over low heat, pour 2 T. (1/8 C.) batter into the frying pan, tilting so it will spread evenly. (Beat the batter mixture briefly before making each wrapper.) When the edges start to pull away from the sides of the pan, lift wrapper with hand or you may use a spatula and transfer on a plate with a piece of 6 x 6 wax paper on the bottom and on top of the wrapper. Prepare at least 14 pieces of square wax paper.

To assemble the lumpia, spread 1 T. of sauce on the wrapper, add 1/4 C. filling and roll, folding the sides as you roll. Wrap each lumpia with the wax paper.

That was NOT easy! The wrapper was very hard to make but it was worth it. I don't like the wrapper you buy in the grocery or market, the one that you use for fried lumpia or turon. With a little more practice I will be able to perfect it.

Half of the filling will be made into fried lumpiang ubod, will buy the ordinary wrapper in the market and freeze. It will keep in the freezer for 2-3 weeks but I will serve it this Saturday for my "1st" birthday "party".

Turbo Lechon Manok (Maya cookbook)

2 whole chicken, each weighing 850 grams


1/4 C. Honey

1/4 C. Patis

3 pieces of calamansi

2 T. rock salt

2 T. Knorr seasoning

2 t. ground black pepper

4 stalks tanglad, optional

Marinate overnight. Insert 2 stalks of tanglad in each cavity. Place the chicken on the rack breast side up. Set the broiler at 300 F for 30 minutes. Then increase heat to 350 F for another 30 minutes. Baste the chicken every 5 minutes (last 30 minutes) with the oil dripping. After 15 minutes, gently turn over the chicken and continue basting. Let the chicken rest for 30 minutes inside the turbo before chopping so it will retain its juices. Remove the tanglad and let the chicken juice drain from the cavity inside the broiler.


1 T. butter

1 T. flour


1 C. hot water
dashes of Knorr seasoning
Deglaze the turbo broiler with hot water, set aside. Melt butter, whisk in the flour. Add the drippings with water, whisk until you get the consistency you like. Add several dashes of Knorr seasoning.

I used kitchen scissors to cut up the chicken rather than chopping. I don't like fine little bones mixed with my food.


  1. I love lumpiang sariwa! I will try it as soon as I can find ubod here. What is Ubod in English? :-) thanks for the recipe, ESP the wrapper..just what I'm looking for...the very soft kind.

  2. I'm eyeing a le creuset crepe pan. I read its on sale. Sana mga 50% off para ma-afford ko. :-) I'm excited to make lumpia wrappers. I also love French crepes so sana talaga maganda ang sale price.

  3. Hi BAM! Ubod is Coconut palm heart, I think? I just used a teflon pan. I also want a crepe pan!!!!

  4. thanks. I will look for coconut palm heart. sana meron nun sa seafood city (pinoy food supermarket). how high or low is the heat when cooking the lumpia wrapper? kailangan ba baligtarin yung wrapper o one side lang ang lulutuin tapos luto rin yung ibabaw? can't wait for the crepe pan! :-). I also want to make banana and nutella crepe and the entree type crepe like those with mushroom and cheese kind, together with the lumpia wrapper. hhmmmnnnn, I can't smell it already!

  5. I mean: I CAN smell it already! hehehe

  6. i think ubod is from the banana tree..