Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dinner Buffet at Marriot Hotel

Mona and I had a wonderful evening at Marriot Hotel in Newport City. That is the new development across NAIA 3. We toured the whole complex ... Resortworlds, Maxim's and Marriot.

We were early for the Dinner Buffet so I had time to take pictures before it opened at 6 pm. There were several stations.

Chinese/Noodle Station - This is the first station I went to when the buffet opened and got Roast duck, pan fried shirmps, siomai, hakaw, century eggs, jellyfish, chicken feet, spareribs and noodles with shrimps and vegetables in Laksa soup.

Japanese Station - My 2nd stop, had 3 slices of Tuna Sashimi, 3 pieces of Ebi Tempura, 1 piece of fish tempura and a bowl of Miso soup.

Cold Appetizer Station - I only got the Shrimps with the cocktail sauce.

Roast Beef Station - I had a thin slice and had it seared, I don't like my meat bloody and I drizzled a little bit of peppercorn sauce on the beef.

Pizza/Pasta Station - Tried 1 slice of pizza and a little serving of spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. My least favorite station. I guess it shows in the way I took a photo of it.

Salad/Cold cuts/Bread/Cheese/Dried Fruits/Nuts Station - Got a small segment of Brie Cheese, candied fruit, walnuts, 1 piece of marinated olive (YUM) and a lettuce leaf with Caesar salad dressing.

Indian Station - I ate several pieces of Papadum with the sauce of Chicken Masala as a dip! I really, really loved it, went back several times.

Dessert/Fruit Station - The fruits were sweet and beautifully arranged, ate the watermelon, papaya, orange segments and pineapple. I also tried the Strawberry Panna Cotta (too sweet for me) and Caramel flan which was creamy but not "yolky" enough for me.

Ice Cream Station - I loved this station the best because they made their own ice cream! I tried most of the flavors but only in small amounts. Imagine golf ball sized scoops of mango, strawberry, pandan, smores, white mocha ice cream and dalandan sorbet. Thumbs up for their homemade ice cream! I wish I could eat more but I am not even allowed a scoop. I just gave myself permission. Hehehehe.

What I love about buffets is that I don't need to gorge myself with everything I see, but just to try in small amounts and get to experience the different kinds of food. I was very satisfied tonight because I didn't feel like I was going to explode. I started at 6 pm and ended at 9 pm with a pot of Green Tea.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mongolian Barbecue

I love cooking Mongolian Barbecue when I have guests. It is so easy to cook! Hahaha Promise ... really in a jiff. And I love the the taste. I can still remember the Mongolian Grill Restaurant in Mile Long, I only got the vegetables I like and beef, so that is what I cooked tonight for Mona. Other meat and vegetables can be added also.

Mongolian Barbecue

1/4 K. beef sirloin, sliced into strips

2 heads native garlic, crushed and soaked in 1 T. water

1 white onion, sliced

red pepper, sliced

green pepper, sliced

celery, sliced diagonally

carrot, julienned

chinese cabbage, sliced

cabbage, sliced


3 T. Kikkoman soysauce

1 t. Lee Kum Kee sesame oil

1-2 T. Lee Kum Kee Chili sauce

brown sugar, to taste

1 T. cooking oil

Combine all the ingredients on a tray or in a bowl except the cooking oil. Heat a flat bottomed frying pan or griddle, when smoking hot, add the oil and DUMP all the ingredients. Toss with a pair of spatulas until the beef is cooked.

SEE?!?!?!?! I told you how easy it is!!!! I used a big wok that was why there was more sauce (liquid from the vegetables) than I would prefer. But, none the less, it really tasted good. Just the way I like it!

Fish Sinigang with Miso

My most recent craving is Fish Sinigang with Miso. I cooked it three times in just 1 week. I got dizzy eating all the meat based food so I told myself, I have to eat more vegetables and fish.

Mona is my house guest for the weekend. For today's lunch, I cooked Salmon Belly sinigang with Miso, Inihaw na liempo (marinated in rock salt and patis for a few minutes)

and green mangoes with Bagoong.

For dessert, we had the Arce Sorbetes de Caro Avocado ice cream.
It tastes so much better than Regular Arce Avocado ice cream.

Salmon Belly Sinigang with Miso

1/4 k. Salmon belly

garlic, crushed

onions, sliced

3 tomatoes, sliced

1/4 C. Miso paste (local not Japanese)

1-2 T. patis

4 C. water

1 small Knorr Sinigang Mix Original recipe pack

radish, sliced

Mustaza leaves (but I used Kang Kong leaves)

Saute garlic, onions and tomatoes. When the tomatoes are wilted, add the miso paste, add water 1 cup at a time. When it begins to boil add the radish, when tender, add the fish and cook for 5 minutes. Add the kangkong, cover and cook for exactly 1 minute. Remove cover, do NOT cover again because the leaves will get discolored.

Nowadays, I want the soup served separately from the meat/fish.

The other day I made Fish Head Sinigang but used Knorr Sinigang Mix with Miso. I prefer the soup made with fresh miso paste.

Lunch at Chesa Bianca - Swiss Restaurant.

Time flies so fast. It has been a month since I had lunch with the friends of my Mom. We meet once a month together with Tita Portia. They always ask us where to eat because they know, we would know.

Tita Portia and I recommended that we try Chesa Bianca. It used to be Bianca's Vinotek, then they remodeled and renamed.

The favorite of Tita Portia was the Veal Liver - Sauteed calf's liver in onion, butter and parsley served with crisp roesti.

It was also Tita Butchie's favorite, so they ordered the same thing. Surprisingly, it was delicious. My Tita finished her order! I tried a little and it was good, the liver was tender and didn't taste bad at all!!! I have never been a liver fan but I don't mind ordering my own next time. I loved the crisp roesti. I think it's made with grated potatoes and onions, formed into a patty then fried until crisp. Hahaha to explain in a more pedestrian manner.... It was like Mc Donald's hash brown!!! Hehehe.

Tita Josie ordered Sliced Veal Zurich Style - Sliced veal in a mushroom cream sauce served with Swiss roesti potatoes.

I also tried a bit and again ... it didn't disappoint me! If I only knew..... I was afraid to try the Swiss dishes, I should have... but will ... next time.

I remembered the best pizza I had was at Cave Wendenberg, beside Santi's Yakal, since the owner of Bianca's was the same, I asked if I could order their pizza, but the waiter said I can but at Carpaccio, their Italian Restaurant. I had the Pizza with Italian Sausage. I liked the crust because it was very light and thin, easy to finish a whole pizza all by myself. I saved the edges for Wriggly. But the pizza wasn't as cheesy and "stringy" as the one I ate at Cave's.

Tita Mita changed her order and also got the Pizza with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and Parma ham.

We were all so full after we couldn't even order dessert. I wouldn't mind eating again at Chesa Bianca and won't be afraid to order their other Swiss Main Courses. The seniors got a huge discount! Can't wait to be a Senior citizen!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Afternoon Tea Parties by Tita Portia

My Tita Portia is really known for her Afternoon Tea Parties. She was featured in several publications such as the Philippine Panorama, Sense & Style (April 2010) and Cocoon (June-August 2010). She loves going to High Tea all over the world. She was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Afternoon Tea at The Author's Lounge of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok for my birthday several years ago. Then after that, a trip to wherever is not complete without trying new places. Even here in the Philippines, we went to all the hotels that served Afternoon Tea. For me, the best was at The Peninsula, Manila.

But when it comes to serving Afternoon tea at home , nothing can beat the sumptuous and beautiful feast prepared by Tita Portia. Even the press people had wonderful things to say about it. One would not believe the labor of love my Tita puts into it. Some my say they were just little sandiwches and snacks but the preparation was really so time consuming and labor intensive.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner for Tita Portia and her guests.

Whenever Tita Portia invites friends for dinner, she always orders from me Baked Tahong, Chicken and Pork Puchero with Eggplant Sauce and Lechon Kawali. She tells her guest that her "caterer" lives downstairs and all she has to do and send down her serving dishes. Most of the time, her friends would ask Tita Portia to send their compliments to the Chef!

I always have to buy pork with the thickest layer of fat! That is what she really loves. The Lechon Kawali was so juicy! I discovered that if I let it rest for at least an hour before chopping, the meat does not dry out and remains succulent. I have to admit, it is one of my master pieces. And the best part is.... it so EASY to make!!!! I already posted the recipe in one of my older posts.

The Puchero and the vegetables were served separately... the eggplant sauce has its own cute "eggplant" serving dish with spoon. Best eaten with patis and calamansi.


1/2 K. Chicken, cut into pieces

1/2 K. Liempo, cut into cubes

1 T. rock salt

1 pc. Marca El Rey Chorizo de Bilbao

enough water to cover the meat

garlic, crushed

onion, sliced

1/2 C. tomato sauce

2 T. Patis

4 pcs. Saba, boiled

3 pcs. yellow camote, boiled

Pechay, boiled

Cabbage, boiled

green beans, boiled

Boil Chicken, Pork and Chorizo until tender. Remove chicken after 30 minutes then continue boiling the pork for 30 minutes more. Drain. Slice the chorizo.

Saute garlic, onion, chicken, pork and chorizo. Add patis and tomato sauce. Pour 1 cup of the broth. Simmer for 10 minutes or until the sauce thickens. Serve with vegetables on the side and eggplant sauce.

Eggplant sauce:

Broil 1/2 K. eggplant. Peel and mash with fork or process in the blender with 1/2 C. vinegar, 1/4 C. sugar and 1 head minced garlic.

My favorite last night was the Baked Tahong! This is something that can be prepared ahead of time, stored in the freezer if done the day before or refrigerator if on the same day it will be baked.

Baked Tahong (Mussels)

2 K. Tahong, half shell removed

1 bar Magnolia Gold salted butter

1 bar Che-Vital Quickmelt cheese, grated

1/4 C. garlic, finely chopped

Mix softened butter, garlic and cheese. Spread a thin layer on the tahong. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over it. Bake in 350 F for 10 minutes or until the butter-cheese topping starts to bubble.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Country Style Breakfast Sausage

I love the breakfast sausage of Pancake House. Before, I used to buy Jimmy Dean or Farmland breakfast sausage from Duty Free or S&R but they don't sell those brands anymore.

When I was in my Beef Tapa Obsession days, I came across the blog of Anton and he mentioned the very good Beef Tapa from one of those upcoming chefs. Naturally, I had to try and they have a pick up station in Paraiso Street in Dasmarinas Village. They also have different products and that was when I decided to try their fully cooked breakfast sausage.

It tastes exactly like the one in Pancake house or in my estimation, even better!!!! I have been searching for years, and now.... The search is over!

My breakfast this morning was 4 pcs. Country Style Breakfast Sausage, Hunts Baked Beans (It is better than the Hunts pork and beans.) and my recently acquired skill - fried egg.

Cooking instructions:

Put the frozen (do not thaw) sausages in the non stick frying pan over low heat. Then add 1 T. cooking oil when the pan starts to dry up. Continue cooking and turning the sausages until golden brown in color.

* P84.00/dozen

2116 Paraiso St. Dasmarinas Village