Monday, February 29, 2016

Birthday Lunch of Tita Tess at Jade Garden

Tita Tess invited our Senior group for lunch at Jade Garden to celebrate her birthday.

We had assorted dimsum....

Shrimp Dumpling

Ham Suy Kok

Steamed Chicken Feet

Other food we ordered were...

Hot Prawn Salad

Steamed Fish with Vermicelli

Roast Duck

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Crispy Birthday Noodles


Mango Parfait

Mango pudding

Sesame Balls

As usual, with my senior group.... 

We talked about people who passed on already.... 

Updates with what is happening with everybody... 

Life before World War II.... 

Life after World Wat II...

About friends they have in common...

And a whole lot more! Never a dull moment with my senior friends!

Thank you so much for lunch, Tita Tess!

Will pray for your good health so we could celebrate more birthdays!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Boracay With The Selfie Queen!

The selfie queen is in the house!

Pinky just arrived from L.A. and met me in Boracay.

She brought my pasalubong, Wavy- Dark Chocolate covered potato chips!

We stayed at Milflores de Boracay. 

It is my favorite mid-range hotel.  I've stayed here several times before and would stay here again and again.

Our first meal at Willy's Bar...

Pancit Bam-i

Daing na Bangus

Happy hour drinks.

I just let her rest the whole afternoon while I went to my favorite bbq vendor. I tried the grilled dried squid.

Bought bbq and choriburgers for take out.

I also had pizza delivered to our hotel from Lola's.

Breakfast at the hotel was simple but hit the spot. It came with fruits, juice, coffee or tea.

Daing na Bangus

Chicken and Pork Adobo

Beef tapa

We bought hot pan sal

Fresh mangoes

Liver spread and French butter.

Day 2 was swimming day! I love swimming in Boracay waters! It is absolutely the best and familiar! And not too deep! You know me by now, I only like to swim in water that is up to my neck, when I'm kneeling down!

Happy Hour at Willy's start at 9 am to 9 pm! Hahahaha Non alcoholic drinks only.

I am so used to drinking fruit shakes with no sugar! And I don't like milk in my shake, as well.

Late snacks at Nagisa Coffee Shop in Station 3.


Miso Ramen

And I just had to eat my favorite Ebi Tempura.

We could not eat a lot because  I am only allowed small frequent meals.

My favorite area along White Beach is at the very end of Station 3.  

So quiet and hardly any locals.  Hahahaha This is where I get my guts to wear my 2 piece BIKINI swimsuits! Nobody cares and I will not see them anymore. 

"Oh! I saw the banana q vendor!"  This was my facial expression when I found the stall.

I got the glazed camote while Pinky had the banana q.

My new restaurant this trip was Supermagic Burgers.  Same owners as The Sunny Side-Up Cafe and Spicebird at D'mall.

They grind the meat as soon as you place your order.

We tried the Supermagic Umami Burger Bomb. Freshly ground US Angus beef, smoked cheese and umami butter.

While walking along White Beach, we had Choriburger and Bbq.

Dinner was at Spicebird.

Pinky had the Chicken Platter.

I had the Cubano Sandwich. 

I only ate half and gave the other half to the kid I saw sleeping on the sand along White beach.  They are like our street kids here in Manila. 

My "main dinner" was at Island Chicken Inasal! I waited for 2 months for my favorite restaurant to re-open after their renovation.  

Kansi soup

Grilled Pa-a.

Nightcap at Jonah's Fruitshakes.

Day 3 at Puka Beach!  It is one of the most photogenic places for me!

I always have the pictures from here printed and framed.  And if I get lucky, use it as my profile picture in FB, like this one.

The waves were strong that morning so we just sat on the beach and got a little toasted.  

It did not feel hot because it was very breezy.  

Lunch at Obama Grill.  

I wanted Pinky to try the Ginataang Pinakbet!

We also ordered Inihaw na liempo.

Sunset viewing at the very end of Station 1.

I call this shot, "Lovers in Paradise".

While Pinky was busy taking different shots of the sunset, I was busy eating my favorite Shrimp Pizza with Brie and Goat Cheese at Two Seasons.

I love this picture I took of Pinky! I waited for that perfect smile.

Dinner was Pinky's request..... Mesa Restaurant

Boneless Crispy Pata

And Baby pusit.

I even had Guinumis.

Earlier in the day, I had 2 cans of royal tru-orange!

As expected, when I checked my sugar in the morning the next day, it was 331!

Just goes to show that soda is bad.  The fruitshakes with no sugar was not as bad compared to soda.

To end this post.... Let me share my favorite photos taken by the Selfie Queen!

Thank you, Pinky for the memories and beautiful shots!


On our way to Cagban Port, the tricycle we were riding got side swiped by a big truck! 

We almost fell into a ditch! It was a scary moment and I screamed! I thought we were going to be crushed by the truck!

The nerve of the truck driver to ask the tricycle driver for money! 

Pinky and I yelled at him!  I told him we almost got thrown off from the trike and HE wanted money from our driver?!?! Pinky said we were going to be late for our flight and told the trike driver to go on.

That was a close call!

Thank God nothing happened to us.