Sunday, February 14, 2016

Long Time, No See Tonet!

Tonet! I have not seen you in almost 30 years!

Good thing you were able to set aside time for our mini get together!

In case you do not know, Tonet.... 

She was my seatmate in HS! What I can't forget about her is that she would always bring yummy baon for us!

And the fun and laughter we had in school will make your sides hurt!

My classmates and I set aside February 12 to be with Tonet even if it was just a few hours.

Cristina, Jodie and Miko asked me to cook for them.  

It had to be something easy because I had a doctor's appointment at Makati Medical.

I went back to my old doctor.  Apparently, all the endocrinologists are pushing the new medicine which will just come out in the market.

Invokana.  I told my  doctor I am afraid of that medicine because it almost cost me my life.

The food they ordered from me....

Lenten Friday Menu.

Lumpiang Bangus

Adobong Pusit

And Sinigang na Hipon.

The early birds were able to enjoy the fishballs and lobster kropek.

Janette and Candy brought Crema de Fruta.

The box of Pastillas de Leche was from Miko.

Bubbles brought my favorite Swiss Chocolate Cake from Becky's!

Tonet brought Belgian Chocolate Cookies

And...... TADA....... Wait for it....

A box of See's Chocolates!o

I love Chocolates!

Good thing I ran out of lancet needles to check my sugar the next day.  Im so sure it would be high because I ate a slice of cake and chocolates!

That's what you call, saved by the bell!

Thank you dear classmates for attending the get together for Tonet!

And Tonet? Don't be a stranger! Visit us more often!

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