Friday, April 29, 2016

Off Road Adventure

I went on an off road adventure with the Boracay Babes - Lia, Pinky, Dodai and Eileen.  


Our group went to Boracay last year, hence, Boracay.... Then the Babes.... It is self explanatory! 

Hahahaha Naks! 

The alarm was set for 4:00 am....


But it did not go off! I forgot to switch on the alarm.  Good thing Pinky called me up at 4:40. 

"Lia! Where are you now?!"

"About to leave, Pinky!"

"Yung totoo!"

"Ok, Fine! I just opened my eyes!"

Instead of meeting them at Dodai's apartment in BGC, I just asked them to pick me up at Mini Stop EDSA at the bottom of the Estrella footbridge.

Dodai was our designated driver. *GASPS*


I was so afraid!  She has 2 certification in the US for urban driving! As in she used to do car chases in the States! Early on in the trip, Eileen advised me to take Serc.....


Mariosep! Most the roads were zig zag!


Our first desitnation was 10 Cents to Heaven in Tanay Rizal.  


It was still closed because we got there at 6:50 am.  The guard allowed us to explore to do some photo ops.



Breakfast was at Cafe Katerina.

The view was breathtaking! I witnessed my 3rd or 4th ? sunrise. 


I'm rarely up at that time.  It was kinda of surreal that I was already up in the mountains at that time of the day!


Breakfast menu:

Vigan Longanisa for Eileen.


Beef Tapa for me.

Pinky and Dodai each had the Bangus.


Next item on the itinerary.... 



Yes! There are windmills just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila!

Hope this works.... I am trying to attach a video:  


We passed by a fruit stall.



I bought green mangoes. 

Freshly picked from the mango trees.  The fruits were being covered with paper bags made from the yellow pages to protect them from birds.


Eileen and Pinky were eating the meat of the Coconut.  Manong made them a makeshift spoon.


On our way to the highway from the Wind Farm, we had our morning snack at Lutong Pugon.


The pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven.


The owners were very nice.  Mr. Jun Tiongco is an artist and his wife is in charge of the restaurant.




They used the habanera from the garden for their chili sauce!


Their twin sons are very cute!!!!!!


We ordered cheese pizza and ate it al fresco.  


It was very cool in the garden.


Next stop: Regina Rica

Pinky and Dodai were taking our pictures.


While Eileen and I were at the entrance taking the picture of Dodai and Pinky.


I told Eileen to go on without me. It was 12 noon and  extremely hot.

While they went up to pray, I went to the shop ....


And bought ice cream.


Next destination: Calinawan Cave


I took a peek at the entrance and told them: I "kennat" go spelunking!


Hahaha I'm learning Tagalog slang words. Kennat means cannot, Char - I don't know to explain it in English. Juice colered means, Dyos ko Lord!

Good thing I did not go with them because they had to go through a small and narrow hole.



Pinky said she almost did not get through the hole.  Imagine me .... Going through feet first... Then my chest gets stuck.....

Instead of spelunking, I had a snack across the entrance of the cave.




And Orange soda.


I chatted with Lola Catalina.  She was filling pillows using kapuk (cotton)....



From this tree across her store.


Our last destnation was Daranak Falls.


Did a quick photo op.  Emphasis on the quick.  Parking took longer than the "tour".




I had time for Cheese Ice cream, though.


It was time to head back to the city.  We decided to go to Estancia Mall in Pasig.

Dinner at Ba Nois.


Eileen had Pho Bo.


I ordered the Pho Bo Kue.


Dodai and Pinky each had the cripy fried catfish.


I tried the Sugar Cane with orange zest juice.


Dessert for everybody.



It was a long but fun day!  We have to do this again, ladies!

Dodai passed my driving test!  I just have to close my eyes sometimes! Hahahahaha.

Never a dull moment with my Boracay Babes!


Until our next Road Trip!