Wednesday, August 23, 2017

#happybirthdayeverydaylia With My Family And Senior Friends

Happy birthday everyday with my family.

Kuya gave me the birthday cake.

It is a good thing they are very easy to please when it comes to food or maybe it is because I know what they like..  My Ate and Kuya were so happy with what I cooked. One would think it was their birthday!

Adobong Alimango.

It is quite difficult to cook so this is reserved for very special occasions only.

Halabos na Suahe

Butter Garlic Shrimps with 7 Up

Lechon Kawali is my birthday staple.

Pancit sotanghon with the drippings of Lechon Kawali

Indian Mangoes with my homemade bagoong

I asked my Ate to buy Arce ice cream.

Snowball: Can I have some ice cream, please?

Of course, I did not give her.  I do not like giving her human food.

Aside from celebrating with my family, I also celebrated my birthday with my senior friends, PD, Tita Butchie, Tita Mita and Tita Tess.

It is our yearly tradition.

I had a Chinese Thai menu.

Chinese food but I used ingredients from Bangkok.

Chinese Sausage from a little store in Bangrak.

Pepino Salad to complement the sausage.

Camaron Rebosado

I feel bad I only bought a few packets of the Cogi Tempura Batter.

Super!!!! The best! The next time I go to Bangkok I will buy a suitcase full of Cogi!

I regret that I did not buy a lot.

My dipping sauce is also from Thailand.

Shrimp Fried Rice with seasoning from Bangkok, as well.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

As usual, Lechon Kawali

Tita Butchie gave me to most wonderful birthday candle for the cake.

But I did not have a birthday cake!!!!  The only reason why I invite friends over to celebrate happybirthdayeveryday is because of the "kek" and the blowing of the candle with matching singing of "happy birthday to you...."

I had to improvise and used the Mantecado Arce ice cream, instead.

Jing said, ice cream "kek".

You light up the "starter candle

And then it will light the 8 candles... will open up like  petals and a muscial "happy birthday" could be heard.

Nevertheless, I was very delighted.

I do get tired sometimes cooking all the time for my happybirthdayeveryday celebrations but it is all worth it.

My family and friends are all so worth it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tita J's Manila Trip

Tita J was here in Manila for a quick visit.  There was an important event she had to attend.

Of course, when Tita is in town, it means we have a lot of eating activities!  As soon as she arrived we immediately went to Max's on Jupiter Street.

Sherman and Jing picked her up from the airport.  Mona and I were waiting in Bel-Air, The Doc couple just met us at the restaurant.

Vegetable Lumpia

Fresh Lumpia

Fried chicken

Crispy Pata

Sinigang na Bangus Belly

Tokwa't Baboy

Crab Fried Rice.

Last Monday we ate at Dampa with Mona, Jing and Sherman.

It was our send off lunch for Sherman who was going back to Japan the next day.


Shrimp Sinigang


"Fried" Liempo, we wanted the inihaw version but they fried it.

Sweet Chili Crab.

We just wanted the plain chili crab but the receptionist suggested, SWEET chili crab.

Their Leche flan was good, though.

The paluto restaurant was Claire Dela Fuente.

Mariger also visited Tita J but was not able to take a photo with her!

On Tita Jit's last day, I just prepared a simple fare for us with Cristina, Jing and Tricia.

Doc BF was our photographer.

Shrimp Sinigang, Tita taught me her version which turned out really good.

Lechon Kawali

Jing cooked Bicol Express

Cristina brought Fried Chicken.

Looking forward to your next visit to Manila, Tita J!  Thank you for all the pasalubongs and the birthday gift!

A Day At Lotus Pod, Bay Laguna

Tita J and the BKK ladies went to Lotus Pod in Bay, Laguna.  The owner is Tita's friend.

Doc BF was not able to go with us because of a medical emergency but he was with us during breakfast in Pinky's new house.

So it was just the women who went on a road trip.

I was the navigator so we had several stops.  Coke Zero and Twister Fries at Mc Donalds drive-thru and I bought white corn from the vendor selling along the road.

As usual, Lotus Pod did not disappoint.  Lots of new improvements since my last visit.  It now has 8 casitas with a small hot tub among other things.

Reception area

The pavilion's ceiling is made from Boston Pine wood.

It smelled so good!

You know what else was good??? Our lunch!!!

Grilled fish from the pond

Fern salad with organic red eggs

Tita J brought adobo from Bangkok.

We brought liempo and it was grilled perfectly with salt and pepper.

Halabos na hipon. We bought the shrimps at Dampa Macapagal Seafood Market and cooked it the night before.

They also served Buco Pandan with coconut cream!

Lemongrass juice

A lot of "groufies".

We never miss an opportunity to take photos.

I met a new friend. His name is Archie and he is 4 years old, the son of the caretaker.

Why do kids gravitate towards me?! I do not know why.

He asked me if I have a kid.  I said no but backtracked and said, Yes!

I started showing him pictures and videos of Snowball.  He is so funny because he was trying not to laugh but you could see it took quite an effort not to.

And then.... he asked me to go with him.  He wanted to show me his pet.  I asked him where he lived.

"Is it far?"

"It looks far!!!"

We kept on walking and walking until we got to his house and he started calling out for his pet... JUSTICE!!!

The most adorable puppy ran out of the house and it kept on running and running and running!!!!

So cute! A 2 month old shih poo mix!

That was the highlight of my day.

And of course, the food.  Always the food.  Food before family and friends.

Thank you so much to the friend of Tita J who owns Lotus Pod!

We had a wonderful time and hope to visit your place again!