Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nueva Ecija's Longanisa De Recado

I finally found the longanisa of my dreams! 

Last Tuesday, longanisa pan de sal sandwich was served to us during our recollection.  I asked Tita Malyne, the caterer,  where she got the longanisa and she said from Arthur, the one who cooks for her.

It is salty, garlicky and fatty enough that oil was rendered after it was cooked.

If my Mom were alive, she would have loved it. 

Eating the longanisa brought back a lot of memories of  her.  I bet she would even drizzle the oil on her rice.

I let my Kuya try the longanisa but he said he prefers the hamonad0 variant.  Most people prefer the sweet kind. 

I suppose longanisa preference is relative.

There are a lot of longanisa out there, I know, but this one hits the spot.

What's not to like???? 

I do not have to go far to buy the longanisa.  It is available in Bel-Air Park.  There is a chest freezer across the canteen selling frozen goodies.

You may also contact Arthur for bulk orders.  He gets it from his Uncle in Nueva Ecija.

Arthur - 09208179849

How to cook longanisa:

Put 1 kilo of longanisa in a frying pan.
Add 1/2 C. water and simmer on high heat until almost all the water has evaporated.
Cover halfway with the lid and pierce each longanisa with a long bbq stick.  Be careful because hot oil might splatter on you.
Lower heat and fry it in its own fat turning the pieces all the time.
Cook until the longanisa is firm.
You may slice it vertically and fry until crispy.  Mona and I prefer it that way or you may serve it whole.

I hope it is also the longanisa of your dreams!


Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Summer In Baguio With Sophie

I was in Baguio 2 weeks ago with my niece, Sophie.

We rode the Joy Premiere Bus of Genesis bus company.

Betsy said to book our tickets online via  We were able to choose our seats.

It is a 28 seater bus with a toilet and a "stewardess"!

With free water and Rebisco cookies! Hihihihi.

There was also wifi on board but I did not get to use it because I get dizzy whenever I read something in a moving vehicle.

We left the Cubao terminal at 12:20 and got to Baguio via Marcos Highway at 4:20.  There were no stops so the travel time was quick.

We checked in at City Center Hotel on Session Road, just 3 buildings away from the market and near the restos on Lower Session.

Sia accompanied me.  Her 1st time in Baguio.

I was very happy because the room had an ac.

I set it at 16C and was in seventh heaven.

Sophie felt cold so I gave her my comforter.

Our first meal in Baguio was in Canto.  FGM and Cherry recommended it.

It did not disappoint! We ordered the ribs with salad and mashed potatoes. The rack of ribs was very tender!  The serving was enough for 2 people.

Shoestring potatoes.

Strawberry shake!

Our dessert was the Strawberry Shortcake from Vizco's.

We ate it in the room because we were tired from the trip. Plus Sophie did not want to walk UP to the restaurant.

I also bought puto bumbong from Solibao.

The sidewalk on Lower Session Road was really steep.  I was always out of breath.

We went to the famous Night Market on Harrison Road.

Sophie wanted to shop at the Ukay Ukay,  I guess that's the new fad in DLSU now.  I also know of some students from there who love thrift bargain shopping.

But.... I had a very bad allergic reaction to dusts.

When I got home, the allergy attacks became even worse because of the heat.

Our midnight snack was in Cafe Volante on Session Road.

Pizza, a small one for me.

Cheese pizza for Sophie.

White pasta for Sophie.

It was cool in Baguio. The temperature in the evening was 18C, sometimes even lower.

Hotel gave us free breakfast coupons even if I booked via Agoda.

I got the Longanisa on my first day.

Tocino on the second day.

Sophie did not eat breakfast because she preferred to sleep in.

We had lunch at Secret Garden Cafe off South Drive, the road going to Baguio Country Club.

I was pleasantly surprised by the pizza!!

I loved it! Never mind if it had pineapples!  The crust was fantastic!!!! Light, airy, crisp and just WOW!

For the pizza alone, I will go back to Baguio!!!  Every month!!! If I could!!!

And to think Baguio is not my most favorite place on earth!

But really... the pizza was a clincher for me.

I also ordered Beef with Broccoli.

Sophie had the steamed fish.

Then we went to the market.  In the Hilltop area, there is another ukay ukay inside the market but I told Sophie I cannot go in because of my allergies.

I just waited for her outside the market.

Under the pouring rain.

For an hour.

I bought sili from a vendor because I stood in front of her space and almost blocked her merchandise.

Sophie was very happy with her loot.  She bought several jackets.

We went back to the hotel but she saw some nearby thrift stores near the hotel so she went by herself.  When she got back, I asked her if she wanted to eat pancit.  Her answer was a resounding, NO!

Oh darn!  How can one not like pancit???? In Baguio?!?! So I told her to rest while I walked to a "nearby" restaurant.

Good Taste.

My Ate said to try it.  It is the biggest restaurant in Baguio.  It has 2 branches.  The other one is on Otek St.

The restaurant is like a giant industrial cafeteria. My Ate and Mayette liked it but their spouses did not.

Lots of people were waiting for a table.

I did not have a hard time because I was just by myself.

I ordered Pancit Bihon but they brought Miki Bihon to my table.

Of course, they had to change my order.

Finally, after a while, a platter of pancit was delivered to my table!

It was good for 8 people!  I only wanted to try it so I probably had about 2 saucer sized servings. I brought back the rest to the hotel and gave it to the night guard.  It was still piping hot because I took a cab going back.

Dinner was in 50's Diner.

We each had a shake.

I ordered a burger and it was huge! The bun was 6 inches in diameter!!! 

Sophie had the Chicken Kiev.

We went back to the night market! I finally had a chance to try the Strawberry Taho!

I bought a tshirt with a Westie!

It doesn't fit me but I bought it because of the Westie!  I also bought a couple of jackets.

The next day was market day!  Ohhh I wanted to buy so many produce but I could not carry it.  I just bought lemon, my favorite flowering pechay which I haven't eaten yet up to now and longanisa for pasalubong.

Hihihi I did not buy the hanging longanisa. 

I got the the sanitized vacuum packed longanisa from Dipasupil.

Some say the longanisa that they serve in Baguio Country Club is supplied by Tuvera.

It's just a rumor, though. But rumors tend to be true, most of the time.

Our last lunch in Baguio was uneventful and boring.  We just went to the nearby mall, Cedar Peak, I think?

Mine was Sinigang na ulo ng salmon.

Sophie had the sisig but it was full of fat she barely touched it.

And it was time to go home!  We waited at the bus terminal of Genesis. 

We bought a sako bag each.  Kuya said not to put our ukay ukay loot together with our clothes in our luggage, our 20 kg sized luggage.  I just discovered that my niece is not a light traveler also!

I really enjoyed my mini vacation with Sophie in Baguio.  I asked Kuya if Soph enjoyed herself and the answer was, YES!

She and I want to go back!  I have been campaigning to my friends. I told them that I want to eat the pizza again and I did not get to eat the chopsuey at Rosebowl!!!

So.... Baguio is in my immediate future.