Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cua Pao

I thought I have a recipe pf Cua Pao in my blog but apparently, I don't.

So here it is.

Cua Pao

1 recipe of Pata Tim, you can use a slab of pork liempo instead of pata.
pickled mustard, squeezed then chopped.
peanut powder (crushed peanuts with an equal amount of white sugar)
wansuy leaves
Cua Pao buns

Steam the buns but slice it open first.

Slice the pork or cut into small cubes or even pull apart if you are that patient.

Put about 2 T. of pork filling in the sliced buns.

Garnish with pickled mustard, peanut powder and wansuy.

PS. You can buy the pickled mustard in Bee Tin grocery on Ongpin St. in Binondo.  I used Lalamove's pabili service.

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