Saturday, August 17, 2019

Share To Inspire: My Low Carb No Sugar Journey

Guess what?! I'm on a diet again! So, what's new?

My KST partner, Anna, suggested I try the Ketogenic Diet. She even lent me a cookbook. I was skeptical at first because I was afraid to do no to low carb ever since I was hospitalized for DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  It's a life threatening condition.  I went on a lowcarb high fat diet but my new doctor prescribed a new medication, Invokana (Canagliflozin).  I can safely assume you cannot do Ketogenic diet if you are taking similar medication.

I researched for a couple of months and watched a lot of youTube videos regarding the eating lifestyle.

I need a cataract surgery for my eyes but I need to get clearance first.  Last May 24, I stopped eating bread, pasta and other wheat products.  My sugar was still high.  On June 28 I stopped eating rice, as well, but sugar was still high.  Then on July 11 I stopped eating junk food and eliminated Coke Zero from my life.

Then just like magic, on July 15, my sugar was 100!  Unbelievable!  And then it even went down further to 80 and I have maintained a normal blood sugar ever since.  Well, it has only been a month and a week.  But it is a major accomplishment for me.  Low carb and no sugar.  I cannot do full keto yet because I cannot eat the 70% fat per meal.

Ideally, one should consume 70% fat, the good kind.  The saturated yummy kind.
20% protein and 5% carbs from vegetables.  Above ground vegetables.

I am lucky because I can do cold turkey.  Although, in the beginning it was really hard.  I could not stop thingking about Ruffles sour cream and cheddar but when I see the blood sugar results in the morning and it is within the normal range, I am encouraged to continue what I am doing.  I do not get cravings anymore.  I never felt hungry and when I am in the mall and tempted to eat all those junk food, I just buy chicharon and peanuts.

Will show you all what I have been eating for the past 5 weeks.

Nilagang Baboy

Manam's Sisig

Spam and cheese omelette

Manam's gising gising

Vegetables from North Park's pancit

Pho from Phat Pho

Pho noodles on the side (take home)

Ugly tuna, mushroom and cheese omelette.  I have not perfected the skill yet.

Manam's laing

Manam's Crispy Pata

Spanish omelette with Pamplona chorizo.  My skill improved a bit.

Pork Sinigang. My favorite.

Chicharon Kare Kare.  In hindsight, this was bad because of the sugar in the peanut butter.

Shrimps with salted eggyolk.

Tortang talong with Romaine lettuce. I am mighty proud of my torta making skill.

Salad greens with walnuts, avocado and Japanese Mayo.  I did not realize the mayo has sugar back then.

Taco Salad.  Not a good idea to use processed cheese.  You have to use real cheese.

Daing na bangus, laing, tomato and red egg.

Spam, scrambled egg, avocados and cream.  Not all purpose cream.

Manam's deep fried Pla Pla.

My favorite Manam's Chicharon Bulaklak.

Nueva Ecija longanisa.

Lechon baked by Mayette.

Country sausage from Bacolod and fried egg

Mayette's Boodle luncheon: steamed shrimps, daing na bangus, boiled okra and grilled eggplant

Chicken Pastel.  Not a good idea because I used Alaska evaporated milk which has a high amount of sugar and Magnolia Quickmelt.  The next day my sugar was 143.  The sugar spike just happened once.

Grilled hotdog and ginataang langka with shrimps

Thai sausage and cucumber salad

Deconstructed pork liempo sinigang

Bacon, mushroom and cheese omelette.  As you can see, my omelette making skill improved a lot.

Pork Pochero

Lechon Kawali

Walnuts, aged cheese and chicharon.  Wonderful. I took my blood sugar two hours after eating these and the result was 101!!!  

Ensaladang talong, okra, kamatis at sibuyas

I tested my Post Prandial  blood glucose 2 hours after dinner  and the result was 168.  My doctor said the result should be 180 and below so it was still wihtin range.

Pinakbet with salted bacon strips

Sauteed vegetables with leftover lechon kawali

Sauteed cabbage with shrimps

Fried fish with Hokkaido butter and calamansi.  Ginataang langka.

Salami Milano, honey ham and aged cheese

Homemade crispy pata

Avovado and Anchor whipping cream

Chicken tinola

Daing na bangus

Nilagang baka but did not eat the corn

Galantina rolls

Bacon and eggs

Thai Fried Chicken

Shrimps with salted eggyolk sauce

Pinakbet with leftover lechon kawali

Bulletproof coffee with cream and Hokkaido butter.  My breakfast everyday.

Thai Fried Chicken and Romaine lettuce

My ultimate favorite! Bulletproof Hot Chocolate. 100% cacao tableya with Stevia, cream and Hokkaido butter.  My sugar was only 114 two hours after my bacon and eggs dinner and drinking the hot chocolate.

Hotdog and fried egg

Ginataamg kalabasa at sitaw.  Would you believe sitaw has more carbs than kalabasa?

Fried Fish with Hokkaido butter and calamansi

Floating Island's Crispy Pata

Imagine, I ate all of that and my sugar has been in the normal range since July 15? Well, except for a few mistakes because I did not research well enough.

I am very happy.  Hopefully, by September I can get a clearance and have my surgery by then. Hahahaha funny story.  I was with my doctor asking for a clearance last August 2, she said it has only been 2 weeks that my sugar has been normal.  She said, it is just an elective surgery.  There's no rush!  I wanted to tell her, YES!!!  There is a rush! It is my birthday month.  How can I celebrate Happy Birthday everyday!?!?!?!

My doctor is very happy, as well, because of the dramatic improvement of my test results from April to August.  She told me to continue what I was doing.  I will probably continue eating this way even after my surgery.  If I can have a normal range of sugar all the time then maybe, my doctor can taper down my medications little by little.  That's my goal.

My cholesterol is higher than my last test but guess what?!?!?  I am not worried.  My "YouTuibe" doctors said not to panic and worry because it has never been proven in research and studies that having a high cholesterol will increase your risk for stoke and cardiac arrest but HIGH SUGAR has been proven to cause said illnesses.

I hope I can sustain this way of eating.  Imagine, my sugar has been normal for 5 weeks now?!?!?!  I am also doing Intermittent Fasting.  I try not to eat anything before 12 except drink coffee with cream and stevia which does not break the fast.

From 228 last July 11,  my FBS went down to 100 last July 15!!!  What's not to like? I was never hungry.  No more cravings.  I just dont know if I am losing weight fast enough.  According to the secretary in the doctor's clinic, I lost 6 kilos in three and a half years! Ha? 2 Kilos a year? Well, that's better than gaining weight.

Please pray for me that I continue to eat healthy food and sustain this lifestyle.  Please pray that I do not get tempted by the "Big Bad Wolf"! Hahahahaha You know who you are!

There's still a lot to learn.  I read and watch videos every night to educate myself and to lessen the mistakes.  I still have a long way to go but I know I can do it with the suppoirt of my family and friends.

Thank you to my new FB friend, Janine (daughter of Tito Ed and Tita Pinky) for adding me to Ketogenich Ph FB group.  I learned a lot from the group even if I am just a silent bystander.

Thank you, KST partner Anna, for encouraging me to share my low carb no sugar journey to inspire other people.

Wish me luck dear readers!