Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Pantry, Dusit Thani

I had lunch with my family today at The Pantry in Dusit.


The main attraction of the buffet was the Lechon!  Small and fat like me!


It was still piping hot when we ate it because it was roasted inside the restaurant!


I just got the skin and rib part of the lechon which made up a quarter of my plate, white rice- another quarter portion of my plate and 4 pcs of siomai from the dimsum station. 


My next plate just had a handful of pecans, a handful of walnuts, a piece each of dried fruits, half an ice cube size of blue cheese, brie and port salut, 4 paper thin slices of salami, 3 thin slices of Italian ham, 3x3 portion of BLT sandwich and a passport id sized pizza.




I had about 5 pieces of baked oysters with cheese.

After eating all of that I was so full already! I wanted to get more from the different stations but I could not eat another forkful anymore.

Baked Pasta.  They can also cook different kinds of pasta with sauces.


Gilly said the baby back ribs were good! Waaaahhhhh! I did not get to try this!


I also wanted to eat the different balls!


And the fish tacos!


Indian Station








Seafood for grilling.


Salad station


Prawn Cocktail


Orange, Mango and iced tea.


Gilly's dessert plate.


I had a small scoop of Macho Barako from the homemade ice cream station.


Toppings for the ice cream.


Assorted desserts


Churros and donuts


So many food, so little space in the stomach.

I do not know what happened to my bottomless pit!

Perhaps, it was because I've been training myself to eat small frequent meals, as in every hour frequent meals.

I was happy with what I ate but wish I could have indulged more!


Cat! The Sans Rival Baker

Cat is our sans rival baker. She is a fast learner! I just taught her last week and tonight, she baked it on her own!


My only participation was to operate the kitchen aid.

The first thing she did was to separate the yolks from the whites for the buttercream frosting.

Next was to cut and fold the cashew nuts into the egg whites.

I am still trying to embed a video... Let's see if this will work.

Cat has an assistant baker, Shey.



Cat - mixing the buttercream frosting.


Shey helping out.... Hahahaha because she said she was getting impatient already.


And then... Our supervisor, Tricia,  arrived! 


There were 2 boy students, Jose and Vasco (Shey's son), who helped their Mommies. Assistant supervisor, Marga, observed the kiddie bakers in action.



The finished product of Cat! 


Earlier in the evening,  we assigned the boys to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. They did it on their own with the help of their Moms.



My serious students hard at work....



I am so proud of my students!


Next time, student Cat will conduct the sans rival cooking lesson!

I am confident she will be able to do it with flying colors!

Go, Cat - my sans rival baker! Teacher Lia is so proud of you!

Seniors Birthday Lunch at Isogi

The merry month of May is the birth month of Tita Butchie and Tita Mita.


We had lunch at Isogi, San Antonio Plaza. It is a Japanese restaurant.

California Maki


I ordered uni sushi but I forgot to take a photo!

Wagyu Burger! I loved the shoestring potatoes that came with it! 


Ebi tempura


Beef Tepanyaki + Salmon and Vegetables with Wagyu Fried rice.  I loved the fried rice!!!


Tita Butchie gave us party favors. I was so excited when I saw it! I thought it was a big chocolate ball! 

But it turned out to be chocolate colored stress ball!



The nice thing being with my senior friends is that they talk about the past. The stories started when they were 18 years old.  The age range of my senior friends is from 75-85! So.... Imagine  ..... The story telling from that time up to the present.

Every year they celebrate a birthday is a bonus from God.  I treasure the friendship I have with them. 

I hope and pray that I get to attend more lunches in the years to come.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Burning The Midnight Oil

I just finished baking the cookies at 1:00 am.  Will give it as a gift tomorrow lunch.  


Busy as a bee! I told my friends, my next available time is on Friday! It is good that I am keeping busy these past few days.

We had a gathering at the house of Doc BF and Dra. Cristina for dinner.



They grilled the Lambchops.


Pinky cooked Mac and Cheese.


Jodie brought mashed potatoes and salad.



It was a spur of the moment Sundate.  I only brought Brownies which I baked last night.


They hosts brought out the sylvannas from the freezer.


I wanted to go to Mendokoro in Salcedo Village but I did not have enough time.

Time is gold.  

BF and Cristina just came from Japan and they bought instant ramen from Ichiran.



Thank goodness my ramen obsession today has been appeased.  


The whole afternoon was spent in the function room of Bel-Air for the launching of KST.

When I woke up this morning, I just brushed my teeth and dressed up really fast because FGM and I had a date in Megamall.

Zarks Burger! 

Ultimate Burger for me.


Burger with BBQ sauce for FGM.


Lots of activities this week! Hope I find time to write about it.