Friday, May 13, 2016

Errand Day With Pinky

Last Tuesday was errand day with Pinky in Greenhills. We went grocery shopping in Uni Mart, I bought maid's uniform in Shoppesville and bought siopao, cua pao and sio mai at Chocful of Nuts.

We rewarded ourselves with Rita Italian ice!


I looooved it!

I chose the Cherry ice with vanilla and chocolate frozen custard.


The cherry ice was like Benadryl granite! My ultimate favorite flavor!  The frozen custard was like soft serve ice cream but denser in texture!

Pinky chose the Mango Cheesecake and Cotton Candy ice with frozen custard.


I want to try the Watermelon ice next time!

We had  merienda at LukYuen.


Taro Puff


Sio Mai


Chicken Feet


And Congee for me.


I love doing errands because I always reward myself afterwards.

Pinky! When?!?!

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