Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sinigang na Cebu Lechon

Every time I go to Cebu the Junkies..... Cat, Shey and Tricia would always ask me to buy Lechon for Sinigang.  


I bought the Lechon during my last trip but they were so busy with Pasinaya (Bel-Air Fiesta) dance practice.  

Finally! Pasinaya is over and I got to be with the Junkies again! 


With Cris and Jose .... Vasco joined us after a while.

The early birds were able to enjoy the Choriburger.  That was another loot from my Boracay trip.

I used the slow cooker to boil the lechon. 

It was very tender and the broth was flavorful.  I added some of Rico's spicy lechon so the sinigang was just a little spicy even though I forgot to add the green sili.

I have been craving for Garlicky Chicken Adobo.


It is just like Mayette's Soyless Adobo but I sprinkled toasted garlic on top.

I am so glad to be with the Junkies again! I missed our cooking and eating sessions! 

Now that the fiesta is over.... We will have our own fiesta in our tummies!

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