Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Doc BF!

It was the birthday of Doc Bf, husband of Dra. Cristina, last Monday. 

Ding! Dong!


The Ka Escapades surpised him with a merienda bash! We invaded their house!


Our favorite BBQ from Mommy Jeng's!


Amber's Palabok. I was so surprised it had a lot of sauce! In the past it was usually dry.  Big improvement and I hope they keep it up.


Amber's Spaghetti! Loved the mushy noodles!


Amber's Lumpiang Shanghai


Pichi Pichi!


The Ramoses brought Chocolate Sans Rival from Purple Oven.  It was also Marty's birthday week.



Dear Doc BF,

Thank you for being such a great guy! You are a thoughtful and caring person.  I love the fact that you take care of us all the time especially when we go on trips.

Thank you also for the online consultations! 

And... Most of all, thank you for being such a wonderful and patient husband to my friend, Cristina.

I will pray that God continues to bestow upon you blessings after blessings.  You deserve them all.

Happy Birthday, Bernie!

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