Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Turbo Broiler Lechon Belly

My guests today were my senior friends, a post birthday celebration.

Tita Tess, Tita Josie and Tita Mita. PD was our photographer. Tita. Butchie was not able to attend the lunch today.

I know they all love Lechon in all forms so I experimented today with Turbo Broiler Lechon Belly.

Turbo Broiler Lechon Belly

2 kg. Pork belly, washed and dried with a kitchen towel.

2 t. Rock salt

Cut slits against the grain and sprinkle salt on the meat side of the belly.

2 t. Rock salt

1 T. White vinegar

Turn over, wipe the skin dry and brush with salt and vinegar.

Put on a wire rack over a tray and refrigerate uncovered overnight.

Wrap the meat side of the belly with aluminum foil leaving the skin exposed. Put on top of the wire rack in the turbo broiler. Bake at 200C for 80 minutes.

Brush the skin with white vinegar every 20 minutes.

Increase temperature to 250C and brush with oil drippings every 5 minutes. Bake for an additional 40 minutes.

Meat was moist and tender.

Serve with Lydia's Lechon sauce, available at Lydia's Lechon, Landmark Food Court.

I also cooked Pad Thai.

Fried Shrimps

Catfish Salad.

Our dessert was the Golden Langka ice cream.

As usual, our afternoon was filled with stories which started before the war, the Japanese occupation, their lives in the US when they were students, about people they know in common and about the friends who departed early from this world.

It was educational listening to their life experiences.

I am looking forward next year when I celebrate again my birthday with my senior friends!



  1. I tried cooking (experimenting!) lechon belly before in a turbo broiler but it resulted to a chewy skin. Not crispy at all. I thought that will be the last time I will cook lechon using a turbo broiler. But thanks for this recipe! I will definitely try this when I visit my parents next week. :)

    1. Hi Resty,

      I hope your turbo lechon turns out ok. Did you dry the belly overnight in the fridge before? That helps in drying out the skin of the belly.

    2. I did not. Perhaps that's the reason why it turned out chewy. But with your recipe, i think there is hope. Hahaha! :)

  2. To achieved crispy skin do not put vinegar.
    or else it turned out chewy lechon

  3. Hi Miss Lia! Would like to ask kung magiging crunchy ang lechon pag olive oil ang pinang brush every 5 mins and nakaroll sya? Thank you 😊

  4. Hello Katrina. I haven't tried using olive oil so I do not know if the skin will be crunchy.