Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 Cuts Burger Blends

I am under extreme time pressure. I have to eat everything I want to eat before I go back to the wheat-free lifestyle on March 1.

My obsession du jour is burger. I tried another joint today after I saw the post of my friend, Cherrie, in FB.

8 Cuts Burger Blends, Megamall

I ate the Double Cheeseburger

and Onion Rings.

They grind the meat on the spot and hand press each party.

I loved the bun! It was so soft! I like breads that are soft to the point that if you press them down, they will not spring back.

Just like the bun of 8 Cuts! It became thin as a pancake! Just the way I like it!

Unlike other fast food burgers, then buns are old and crumbly and so huge for the size of the patty.

How does the 8 Cuts burger taste?

Hmmmm.... Let me see.... It is like eating the Quarter Pounder Of Mc Donald's but double patty with the Big Mac sauce. I think I described the taste perfectly!

The difference is.... The burger patties were so moist and juicy!


Thank you Cherrie for the photo grab!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cali Burger Century Mall

Shey, Mona and I checked out Century Mall tonight. We just walked from the Kalayaan Bel-Air gate.

It was almost closing time when we got to the mall.

There were several stores open already.

We had a snack at Cali Burger.

Tried the Double Patty Burger with French Fries.

The burger was juicy and the bread was soft. A bit stiff for a fast food joint though, 395 for a meal.

I would like to go back and eat cheeseburger with Milkshake before March 1!

Diet starts on the 1st.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gluten Night with The Junkies

My Junk Food Friends and I had a gluten filled night!

Uh oh! Bad for me! But I only have a few more days left to indulge.

The Junkies helped in putting our junk food appetizers on the plates.

Potato Chips(Lia) and JalapeƱo Poppers(Shey)

I made Tomato Espresso Soup and used my new milk frother.

Tricia made again the Baked Egg Boats so Cat and Mona could try it.

We all loved the Tuyo Pasta Mona cooked.

Shey was in charge of the Gluten.... I mean bread!

She bought Fougasse at Paul, SM Aura

And giveaways!

1 dozen each of Balai Pandesal bread!

Dessert was Cat's assignment.

She brought Magnum Gold

And Selecta Ice cream.

She was our Batcave cookie scooper for the night.

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie ala Mode.

Tricia brought Jack Daniels Chocolates!

I already had my quota of wheat!!!! I did not take my blood sugar after dinner nor do I plan to take it tomorrow. It is probably very high.

If you want to spend your time laughing, having fun and eating good food....

No need to look else where!

They are right here in Bel-Air.... Just around the corner!



Friday, February 21, 2014

Tea Party at The Elysium

I was invited to attend a Tea Party at The Elysium.

The Elysium is what we call the Silent Garden at the park where my Junk Food Friends and I had a candlelight picnic a couple of weeks ago.

The Bel- Air Street Leaders were invited because the ecology arm of the community launched the "Tapat Ko, Linis Ko" campaign.

It means, we should not wait anymore for the maintenance guys to clean the area in front of our houses. Bel-Air has always won the cleanest and greenest community for several years in a row.

The Elysium was the perfect venue for an outdoor tea party.

The Samovar for the assorted teas/Sangria

Assorted Sandwiches... Tuna and Cucumber/ Cheese Pimiento/ Chicken and Lettuce

Chicken Teriyaki on Sticks

Spanakopita with Tatziki Dip/Grilled Japanese Sweet Corn on Sticks

Dried Mango and Chinese Ham Puffs/ Caprese Crostini/ Marbled Potatoes

The cocktail tables had teapot vases... Cocktail Tops: Turnip Sticks with Kiamoy Powder/ Fish Crackers with Aioli Dip

What's a party without giveaways!

Cupcakes and mini buckets filled with meringue!!!

The little pots with flowers at the base of the tables were also ours for the taking!

I love our newly landscaped garden at the park.

I hope my Junkie Friends and I hold another picnic before the rainy season starts!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

And I Wonder Why?

I should not have given in to my wheat addiction yesterday. I was doing so well already with an FBS of 161 then when I checked my sugar after eating all the wheat laden food, it became 364!!!! In just a matter of several hours!

It's official, wheat elevates my blood sugar! No doubt about it.

I started my day trying to be good. Just a few slices of grilled Turkish bread, my favorite fish - Talakitok with butter and kalamansi.

Still trying my best to be good.... Fish in Tamarind sauce with rice.

Then ... My life went downhill after lunch.

I fed my wheat addiction again.

I had merienda with FGM Cindy and Vinnie at Cibo's, Rockwell.

We had 4 Cheese pizza, Mushroom dip and potato chips.

I also tried the Chocolate Croissant of Eric Kayser recommended by Vicky.

When I got home, I experimented with the Mang Recto Spaghetti Sauce.

Tricia's experiment was the Egg Boat.

It was so good! I would like to have it for breakfast if I could all the time.

The filling of the sourdough rye bread was eggs, cream, cheese and bacon!

What's not to love?!?! Right up my alley! When I go wheat-free again, I can bake it without bread.

Shey is the new baker of the Batcave! Our "cookie scooper"!

We baked chocolate chip cookies with Dark Pomegranate sprinkled with Sea Salt.

Ready to eat after working hard for our dinner.

I can't decide tonight if I should take my blood sugar or not.

Ok... Or not!

I would rather check tomorrow morning.

Now... I know that wheat free really works!

Question is... When will I go back to that lifestyle?

Should I still wonder why my sugar went up?