Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wheat-free Shrimp Tempura

I was a little sad this morning because my sugar was way out of control last night. I knew something was wrong with me because I was getting a bit dizzy and I had a headache. I cannot even take Advil for it because my doctor said, it will raise the sugar level.

This morning, I tested myself again and good thing it went down to 177.

I love Tempura! I was worried that I cannot eat it anymore because of the batter. I was talking to Lisa one time and she said that in Dampa, they use Camote flour for their tempura!

So I experimented today and was happy with the result!

It even tasted better than the tempura that you order in some Japanese restaurants.

The color was just a little dark because... Lia being Lia.... Impatient Lia .... increased the heat and the tempura became darker in color.

Wheat-free Shrimp Tempura

1/4 K. Shrimps

1 C. Cooking oil


1 egg white

1/4 C. Cornstarch

1/4 C. Camote Powder (SM Makati Supermarket)

1/8 t. Baking soda

1/8 t. Baking powder

1/4 C. Ice cold water

1 ice cube

1 T. Cornstarch for dredging

1 T. Camote flour for dredging

Mix all the ingredients for the batter in a bowl.

Combine the Camote powder and cornstarch on a plate.

Heat the oil.

Dredge the shrimp in cornstarch/camote powder then dip into the batter.

Fry until golden in color and crunchy.

Serve with tempura sauce. The sauce is not wheat free though unless you use tamari or liquid aminos by Bragg's.


1/2 C. Water

1 T. Kikkoman soysauce

2 T. White sugar

1/2 t. MSG

Boil all the ingredients in a saucepan. When the sugar dissolves, switch off heat.

Add the grated radish and ginger. Don't forget to squeeze out the juice before adding to the sauce.



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