Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gluten-full Wishes Fulfilled

In one of my previous posts, I typed a list of several gluten-full wishes and I have fulfilled all of them (except 1) and more!

1. Burger, not from a fast food joint.

Draft's Bleu Burger

2. S & R Pepperoni Pizza

Not only did I eat the pepperoni pizza... I also had

New York Deli Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Hotdog Sandwich

And... Southern Fried Chicken!

3. Sizzling Fried Noodles with Shrimps and Pork at President Grand Palace, Ongpin St.

The shrimps were huge, plump and juicy!

I ate it all within 15 minutes!

I was delightfully surprised by Mongkok's Fried Noodles with Beef and Vegetables.

4. Siopao

I had the Asado Siopao at Chowking.

5. Cronuts from Intercon

6. Asado Roll from Waying

7. Polvoron

I wanted the polvoron from Mrs. Daez's house but I suppose the one from HOP was good enough.

Other gluten-full food not in my list....

Magnolia Gold Label Buttery Sweetcorn Ice Cream

Pan de Sal with:

a.) Reno Liver spread with a 1:1 butter ratio.

b.) canned Yunnan Ham with butter.

I bought this in Chinatown today. This is one of my childhood unforgettable food memories. My Grandma used to store her tins of Yunnan Ham beside her jewelry box. My Mom used to dip her pan de sal in the oil!

There is a familiar comforting taste to it. I really can't describe it but my family loves it so much! It tastes 10 times saltier than corned beef or 2x saltier than anchovies. The flavor was so intense that I was only able to eat a passport picture size of ham with 2 pieces of pan de sal.

Warning! Danger!

People with Vertigo or with high blood pressure can not.... should not even attempt to try this sinfully delicious ham!

I suppose it is an acquired taste.

I texted my Ate to say we have Yunnan Ham for our New Year's Eve celebration and she replied, Yay!

Hahahaha but I opened it already because I can only eat bread until the evening of December 31!!!

I also bought Pancit Canton from the Lingnam Noodle Factory!

It was just manufactured today, December 29, 2013! This brand of noodles is so good! Not rancid tasting at all.

I also ate Siomai

And chicken feet at Waying's.

The only thing I was not able to eat was the Pancit Bam-I but the year is not over yet, maybe I can still cook a small serving!

I was not able to go to mass yesterday so I attended the noon service at Sta. Cruz Church today.

But it was 1:15 already and the mass was not finished yet! I had to say bye to Jesus before the final blessing. My mass limit is only up to 1 hour.

Look at the huge Christmas Tree inside the church!

I loved the idea of buying an ornament of different price range, then they hang it up on the tree!

They were able to send two 10-wheeler trucks with goodies to Tacloban on December 26 plus the parish priest was able to hand out 500 pesos to the parents and 20 pesos to the kids.

One could say, the tree was a "giving tree" and not merely used as a decoration for Christmas.

I wish all the parish priests would do that for their Churches. I was so impressed with the idea.

Now that I have eaten almost all the food in my gluten-full wish, I hope I could start again my wheat-free diet on January 1.

As usual.... I need all your support and prayers! Please do not tempt me because I am weak.

Good luck to me!




Liza is Home for the Holidays!

Liza's home for the holidays! Yay!

She spent a couple of days with me! I asked her what she wanted to eat... She said, she only likes Filipino Food!

I asked my friends to come over to spend time with Liza.


Sam, Mona, Jing and Sherman, who is also home for the holidays from Jakarta.

Liza wanted to taste my Lechon Wrap.

I also cooked Sinigang na Lechon


I grilled Pork Liempo.

Sam brought a melt-in-the mouth slow simmered Beef Stew.

Sherman and Jing gave me Embutido

And Caramel cake from Becky's!

Mona cooked Ginataang Mais, special request from Liza.

Dinner.... I invited my classmates and we all enjoyed the food they brought!

Pork Barbecue from Dra. Tricia and Dra. Miko.

Pancit from Janette.

Steamed Shrimps from Jopet.

Lumpiang Shanghai from Mylene.

Mona cooked Palitaw, another special request.

Serla brought Chocnut Pie from Purple Oven.

Liza helped me with the Rellenong Manok.

I also served the Lechon Paksiw cooked by Hermie.

Thank you, friends, for all the yummy food you brought for Liza!!!!

Do you think we stopped eating when the guests left?!?!

Mona, Liza and I still had Popcorn for our midnight snack!

The popcorn from the US came with seasoned salt and butter powder!!! (Not microwave popcorn)

We were all so tired after a long day of eating and eating and eating!!!

We had brunch at Salcedo Saturday Market the next day.

Chicharon Bulaklak from Everybody's Cafe

Hamonado Longganisa from Everybody's Cafe

Pork BBQ from Ineng's

I told Liza to try the Pritchon.

Tita Ope gave me Chocolate Cupcakes!

The cupcakes were so good!!!!! I ate 4!

Liza and I have been talking over FaceTime all the time when she was in New York but it is still different when you see the person face to face in real time.

I am so happy Liza you are home for the holidays!