Monday, December 23, 2013

Triple Birthday Celebration

Today is the birthday of my Mom, she would have been 81 years old. I really miss her. Christmas was her most favorite time of the year.

Today is also the birthday of my Kuya and PD! They were all born on December 23!

We had our Senior monthly lunch but since it was PD's birthday.....She invited the group to her house to celebrate plus 2 additional guests.

We had a whole lechon.

Of course, all the seniors were delighted and went back for second servings.

And not to be outdone by the Seniors.....

I got a plateful of crunchy skin!!!!

PD asked me to cook Paella

And Baked Prawns.


1 K. Medium-sized prawns

1 bar Magnolia Gold Butter, softened

1 small bar Magnolia Quickmelt, grated


Make a slit along the prawn's back.

Mix the cheese and the butter.

Fill the prawns with the butter/cheese mixture.

Sprinkle breadcrumbs on top.

Bake at 400 F degrees until the butter/cheese topping is melted.

Perhaps 10-15 minutes?

(I was watching through the oven door the whole time. Hahahaha Wriggly was also watching with me. The door is eye level with him.)

If you overcook the prawns, it will be chewy and rubbery.Spoon the butter/cheese drippings over the prawns.

PD makes the BEST Chicken Potato Salad!

I absolutely loved it!!!

For our dessert, we had Buko Lychee Sherbet and assorted cakes and pastries.

Christmas brownies, a gift to PD from her friend.

Gluten Free Chocolate Fruit and Nut dessert, a gift from another friend, Aileen.

Imagine a base of cornflakes and nuts, then chocolate is poured over it... Topped with grapes dipped in chocolates, peanuts dipped in chocolates, fresh grapes and dried fruits.

It was so sinful!!!! And decadent. You can order the dessert from Aileen Galang. It's 1,900/order.

We had breakfast at Hatch 22, Rockwell.

Eggs Benedict

Buttermilk Pancakes

Brioche and Cheddar Biscuit.

I liked the biscuit!

Bacon Jam

Hahahaha it looks and tastes like Bagoong.

Hungarian sausage. I thought it would be pork breakfast sausage.

Pd and I had dinner at Tajiyama, One Rockwell.

Beef Yakiniku

Pork Belly Yakiniku


We asked the waiter to grill the meat for us.

It felt like it was my birthday because of the non-stop eating!

It was a tummy filling day and night!

Happy Birthday, Mom and Kuya!

Happy Birthday, PD!


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