Friday, December 20, 2013

My Gluten-full Christmas!

My friend, Dra. Tricia, said I could have a diet holiday!

So I will be gluten full this season!

But will be back to my wheat/grain free lifestyle on January 12.

I already made a list of what I want to eat. I was able to cross out some already.

Gluten full wish list this Christmas:

TGIF Burger

S & R Pepperoni Pizza

Sizzling Fried Noodles - President's Grand Palace

My Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti

I do not like to eat it with cheese.

Ma Mon Luk Siopao

Costa Brava Mocha Cupcake and Marshmallow Frosting Cupcake

Cronuts from Intercon

Empanada/Chicken/Asado Pie

Pancit Bam-I

Polvoron of Mrs. Daez

I am sure I would think of something more to add to my list!

I bought Hot Chic from Breadtalk and a sponge cake with cream and floss.

I love the Asado roll my neighbor, Vinnie, gave me! The bread was very soft!

Lisa is here in Manila!

Yay! We went to Greenhills to buy cellphone accessories.

We had lunch at Gerry's Grill in Promenade.

Adobo Shreds

Grilled Baby Pusit

Grilled Liempo

I've been baking gifts these past few days.

One of my favorite gifts to give are cream puffs!

But on a limited basis only because both of my hands are injured.

I ate Chicken Sandwich tonight

And Homemde Asparagus Soup.

Soooooo gluten full!

I only have 3 weeks to eat everything! I hope I can complete my list before then.

Lia's Christmas Tree

If Wriggly has his own, then this year, I decorated a simple Christmas tree for my enjoyment.

I cannot have the usual tree that will accumulate dust because I'm allergic to it.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly was trying to steal the cookies I baked today to give as gifts!


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