Thursday, September 29, 2016

Still More Food And So Little Time

When my BFF read my previous post about having no time, she asked me, "Seriously?"

It really is hard to believe that I do not have time when I do not have a regular 9-5 job but I just have so many activities!


9:00 am -  wake up call

9:30 am blood test.

10:00 - 11:30 supermarket errands.

11:30 - lunch meeting

1:30 - KST

6:00 Chori burger and chips with the Junkies minus Tricia because she had another engagement.

The other night, I was looking for the vanilla ice cream for the rootbeer float for Cat when I saw the chorizo I bought in Boracay at the back of the freezer!

 I made the Lipton Onion Dip and the girls brought chips.

Thank you, FGM for the A&W rootbeer for our rootbeer float!

10:30 - wake up call

11:30 -  Uber ride to Greenbelt 1

12:00 - Lunch at Pho Hoa with Cristina, Pinky and Dodai.

I ordered the Meatball Pho.  I put a lot of Sriracha and Hoisin sauce in my soup.

1:00 - shopping errands

( I can't help myself, had to buy the green Italian loafers, it's on sale.)

More errands at the supermarket.

4:00 Had to buy my new toy!

Magnetic recumbent bike!

It took the guys almost an hour to assemble it.

5:00 - I was on  my way home.

5:30 - Hermie with the help of my neighbors maids put my new bike in my room.

6:00 - Cooked Adobong Tuyo for Hermie because it is her favorite.

We always take turns.

I would cook soyless adobo and then the next time, I would cook adobo with soy sauce for her.

6:30 - Dinner at Tricia's house

7:45 - started my exercise regimen for 5 minutes while talking to Mona on the phone.  I had to take it easy at first because I might strain my muscles again.  Will increase number of minutes everyday until I reach the optimum 30 minutes a day.

8:30 - Tricia picked me up and we went to Bucky's and Tilde.

I bought Chocolate Chip Cookies

and Banana Yana at Bucky's.

10:00 - Shower

10:30 - 11:30 - phone call with my Ate.

11:31 - started writing my blog.

WHEW!!!!  That was just 2 days of my life!

Am I busy or what?


I am very happy to share with you my blood test results.

Of course, I did not pass the sugar test.  That is to be expected.  It has never been normal since 2000.

BUT...... my sgpt/sgot went down from a high of 87 to 34!  The maximum normal range is 35.

Cholesterol???  With all the fat I've been eating?!?!? It is only 166.  The passing is 200.

Hopefully, with my NEW exercise regimen, I will be able to bring down my sugar levels.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

So Little Time... So Many Food

I was just whining the other night in FB that I don't have time anymore to bake nor cook what I want because my schedule has been full these past few days.

It is well and good if my "busy-ness" was business related!  But no!  All my activities were food related.

Last Sunday, Bo, Jing's brother, invited me for lunch at Texas Roadhouse at Uptown Mall with Jing and kids (Michael and James), Toots and Tricia.

I was so surprised I liked the food, especially the French fries and the steak sauce.

Appetizer platter

I ordered the Fried Fish Fillet with seasoned rice.

Michael ordered the chicken tender with fries.

James had the cheeseburger.

Jing's order was the Country Fried Steak.

Bo had the Grilled Chicken (I think?)

Jing and Bo shared the Baked Potato and Mashed Potatoes.

Toots and Tricia each had the Chicken BBQ.

Thank you so much for inviting me for lunch!  Hahahaha I am your adopted sister from another planet.

On the same day, PD invited me for an Afternoon Tea at Bizu Greenbelt.

Pillow Mozzarella Cheese with Cherry Jam and alfalfa sprouts.

I tried the Salted Egg Macaron.

Monday was a day for the doctors.  I had to consult with a Derma and an Ortho.

Derma because I was complaining of dark age/sun spots on my legs  but Dr. Javier said they are not age spots.  My capillaries have burst due to poor circulation and blood vessels could not contain the blood anymore and they burst.

Doctor said I have to exercise, preferably do something not weight bearing because of the pooling of blood on the lower leg. I am standing or walking most of the time.  My doctor just solved one of my problems.  I wanted to buy a stationary bike so I can exercise.  Most of my friends said I will just use it to hang clothes or towel like what I did with my treadmill.

But now, I have to exercise, hence I need to buy a bike which I plan to do on Friday.

I went to the ortho because something popped in my neck area.  Doctor felt it and he said it felt tight and hard. He gave me a muscle relaxant but one of the side effects is that I will feel sleepy.

While waiting for my appointments, I had lunch at 101 Hawkers, Beacon Tower.

I just ordered the Char Kway Teow

and siomai.

After my day in Makati Med for check up, I went home to bake cinnamon rolls.  It is the favorite of Cristina.

While waiting for the cinnamon rolls to cool, Cat was with me.  We had green mangoes with bagoong, Rootbeer float and chips with the Lipton Onion Dip I made with sour cream and cream cheese!

When the cinnamon rolls were ready, I took an Uber to Cristina's house in Makati to surprise her.  I wanted her to eat it for breakfast on her birthday.


Dim sum Unlimited at Xin Tian Di, Crowne Plaza Hotel with my neighbors, FGM and Shey!  Mona was with us also.  We used her Citibank card to avail of the 50% off promo!

We ordered a lot! And ate it all!!!

First .... my favorites:

Seafood Dumplings in superior Stock

Braised chicken Feet

My ultimate favorite!!!  It was so soft and tender and falling off the bones! Plus I really loved the sauce!

Fried Hakaw with sweet mayonnaise!  Loved it!

We tried 1 piece of srping roll.

Now.... for the rest of our order...



Abalone and mushroom dumpling

Radish Cake

Chicken Congee

Stir-fried flat noodles with Beef

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Salmon Taro Puff

Deep fried bean curd skin dumpling in Fish Soup

Coffee Pudding

Ampalaya Buchi

Nope, it doesn't have ampalaya but just shaped like one filled with chocolate.

Whew! We were so full!  We just wanted to be rolled out of the hotel!!!

So sleepy when I got home because I had to take the muscle relaxant again and had to set the alarm because I needed to bake chocolate chip cookies for my nephew, Renzo.

I was so embarrassed already because he even gave me the Hershey chocolate chips we bought in Rustan's 2 Sundays ago.

I finished baking the cookies at 9 pm.  He is asleep already.  He will be happy when he sees the cookies tomorrow upon waking up.

So...... that was why I have been so busy lately and have no time to cook nor bake.

I still have to bake the canonigo and experiment with the salted egg potato chips.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can make the chips when I have beautiful helpers who will come over.