Monday, September 12, 2016

Steak Night At Buenavida

We had a steak night in Pinky's house at Buenavida, Merville this evening.

She is about to leave her home soon because she is building a new one in Marcelo.

We have been hounding her to invite us over.

So, finally, she said, Yes!

But we were not even sure because she had a minor accident in her house yesterday.  It almost burned down!  The other morning after switching off the air conditioner, she switched on the fan and after several minutes, the cord sparked and the clothes nearby caught fire!

Apparently, people would always pull the plug by the cord and not by the plug.  The wires were exposed and she had to put electric tape.

Lesson learned, throw away any electrical appliance with a damaged wire.

Also, we were not sure of Jodie's schedule because Carrie is in the process of moving in to the condo near La Salle.

I did my steak shopping just this afternoon when everybody's schedule was ok already.  I asked them how many grams per person should I buy for each one.  They just paid me for their steak.

I bought the Aussie Rib Eye from Market Place, Rockwell.

Everybody helped in the preparation.

I volunteered to cook the steak.

I am not a steak person so I researched and found a very easy way of cooking it in youtube.

Pan Fried Rib Eye Steak

250 gr. Aussie rib eye steak, thawed, room temp
2 t. vegetable oil such as Minola or Baguio oil (high smoke point oil, not olive oil)
1\4 t. rock salt
1\4 t. freshly cracked black pepper
1 T. cold butter

For deglazing the pan:

2 T.  water (some people use wine or balsamic vinegar)
1 t. Knorr seasoning (optional, only for the jeje like me)
1 T. cold butter

Massage the oil on both sides of the meat before seasoning with salt and pepper.

Use a stainless steel pan.  Do not use a non-stick pan.
Put the pan over high heat.  How will you know if the pan is hot enough?  Put a teaspoon of water.  If it sizzles and evaporates, it is not hot enough but when you put a teaspoon of water and it dances on the pan like a mercury ball, then it is perfect.

Depending on the doneness of your steak, time it per side. As in, use a TIMER!

2 minute per side steak:

Put the steak on the pan.. Do NOT touch it.
After 2 minutes, flip the meat over.
After 1 minute, add the butter.  When it melts, spoon it over the steak.

Remove from the pan and let it rest on the plate for 5 minutes before eating it.

Everybody wanted medium\medium rare - 2 minutes on each side.

Mona wanted well done, so hers was cooked until there was no more blood. Tapa. Hahahaha.

I wanted mine medium to almost well done, so the timing was 3 minutes on each side then I let it rest and put it back in the pan for an additional 1 minute.

To deglaze the pan:

Add water, Knorr seasoning and butter.  Stir and let it thicken slightly then pour over the steak.

This was my steak with the sauce.  It looks super well done....

But when you cut through, it was still a bit red\pink but no blood oozing out.

Sidings were mashed potatoes and buttered corn and peas.

Mona brought rambutan fresh from the farm.

I baked Canonigo and asked Pinky to buy ripe mangoes.

Everybody was very happy with their dinner. I hope so!

We spent the night planning our next travel adventures.  PLURAL!

Thank you so much Pinky for letting us hang out in your house.


I loved the exhaust system in your kitchen!  The best!

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