Thursday, September 8, 2016

Carrie's Send Off Lunch

Carrie is our "Da Barkads".

She is Jodie"s daughter.  One of the nicest girls her age I know.  She is very sweet and a respectful teen-ager.  And most importantly, she does not give her parents a hard time.  That I know of! Hahahahaha

She is the perfect company for Tita Lia because she loves to eat and shop!

One of the first few times she has been been hanging out with the Ka Escapades, she matched our eating schedule!  The Eat O'clock schedule!

Then her Mom asked us, "What did you feed my daughter?"  Apparently, Da Barkads Carrie threw up in the car on their way home.

Hahahaha Mommy Jodie said next time do not eat as often as Tita Lia!

She is about to start college soon.  As in... September 13!

The next  time we hang out with her again will probably when she graduates from La Salle several years from now!

The Thursday Culinary Club had lunch at The Batcave today.

I just cooked a simple Korean lunch for us.

Bean sprout salad

Korean Beef Stew

Korean Fried Chicken

It was a quick lunch because everybody had busy schedules but we all made time for Carrie.

I am wishing you luck, Carrie, in whatever endeavor you wish to pursue.

Study hard but play harder!  I know you know what your priorities are.

Good luck and have fun in college!

P.S.  Scout around La Salle for restos we can try out! Or better yet,  can we eat in your cafeteria????

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