Thursday, September 29, 2016

Still More Food And So Little Time

When my BFF read my previous post about having no time, she asked me, "Seriously?"

It really is hard to believe that I do not have time when I do not have a regular 9-5 job but I just have so many activities!


9:00 am -  wake up call

9:30 am blood test.

10:00 - 11:30 supermarket errands.

11:30 - lunch meeting

1:30 - KST

6:00 Chori burger and chips with the Junkies minus Tricia because she had another engagement.

The other night, I was looking for the vanilla ice cream for the rootbeer float for Cat when I saw the chorizo I bought in Boracay at the back of the freezer!

 I made the Lipton Onion Dip and the girls brought chips.

Thank you, FGM for the A&W rootbeer for our rootbeer float!

10:30 - wake up call

11:30 -  Uber ride to Greenbelt 1

12:00 - Lunch at Pho Hoa with Cristina, Pinky and Dodai.

I ordered the Meatball Pho.  I put a lot of Sriracha and Hoisin sauce in my soup.

1:00 - shopping errands

( I can't help myself, had to buy the green Italian loafers, it's on sale.)

More errands at the supermarket.

4:00 Had to buy my new toy!

Magnetic recumbent bike!

It took the guys almost an hour to assemble it.

5:00 - I was on  my way home.

5:30 - Hermie with the help of my neighbors maids put my new bike in my room.

6:00 - Cooked Adobong Tuyo for Hermie because it is her favorite.

We always take turns.

I would cook soyless adobo and then the next time, I would cook adobo with soy sauce for her.

6:30 - Dinner at Tricia's house

7:45 - started my exercise regimen for 5 minutes while talking to Mona on the phone.  I had to take it easy at first because I might strain my muscles again.  Will increase number of minutes everyday until I reach the optimum 30 minutes a day.

8:30 - Tricia picked me up and we went to Bucky's and Tilde.

I bought Chocolate Chip Cookies

and Banana Yana at Bucky's.

10:00 - Shower

10:30 - 11:30 - phone call with my Ate.

11:31 - started writing my blog.

WHEW!!!!  That was just 2 days of my life!

Am I busy or what?


I am very happy to share with you my blood test results.

Of course, I did not pass the sugar test.  That is to be expected.  It has never been normal since 2000.

BUT...... my sgpt/sgot went down from a high of 87 to 34!  The maximum normal range is 35.

Cholesterol???  With all the fat I've been eating?!?!? It is only 166.  The passing is 200.

Hopefully, with my NEW exercise regimen, I will be able to bring down my sugar levels.
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