Monday, October 3, 2016

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

When I thought of the title of this post, I was referring to the fact that I ate Lechon 3 times in a row!

Yesterday was last Friday at Hole in the wall.  Pepita's had a pop up store and I was able to try the Roasted Lechon with Truffle Mushroom Rice.

I was with FGM Cindy and Tita Menchit Dolor, another Bel-Air neighbor.

We also tried the corn at Bad Bird.

I had mine shredded by the staff.

Next "snack" was at Mann Hann.

We just ordered the Hototay Soup

Beef Hofan

and fresh lumpia for Tita Menchit.

When the mall closed after our snack, we drove to the Mcdo at our corner to have sundae for dessert and I tried the new McSpicy sandwich.  Of course, it was good because they are still introducing it.

Today was last Saturday.  Dra. Cristina's birthday celebration.

Doc Bernie was our expect lechon carver.  He is a surgeon and this is how a surgeon operates on a lechon!

It was also the birthday of Lucas, Cristina's nephew, who just turned 5.

Birthday boy is the one wearing the long sleeved shirt.  Of course, cousin also had to blow the candle.

Earlier in the day, Cristina sponsored a feeding program at their parish.  Jodie, Carrie and Mona helped also together with Cristina's family.

We used to have that in St. Andrew but Monsignor Dennis scrapped the program.

At Cristina's.... we had very good Pancit Bihon!

I loved it! She ordered it from someone she knows.  The bilao was as big as a wheel!

Shrimps from Banawe.

Chocolate and Carrot Cakes.

There were also spaghetti and fried chicken for the kids but the adults loved it, as well.

Tomorrow was Sunday.  FGM Cindy's and Chacha's birthday celebration.

I was the designated "lechon chopper".  It is one of my hidden talents.  Will try if I can post the video here.

There were lots of food but I was not able to take pictures because I was busy chopping.

Hilabos na hipon, oxtail kare-kare, baked salmon, pancit, galantina which she ordered from me.

Desserts were over flowing, as well.  Lots of cakes and leche flan.

Had time for a selfie with Chacha.

Monday.... Tita Josie's birthday treat at Dean and Deluca.

Whew! I have to stop eating!!!  Hahahaha But Shey will react violently.  She is now my exercise coach.  She would ask me all the time if I am using my bike.  She said, it is better if I exercise rather than go on a diet because we still have many, many food plans!

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