Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Paisley Dress

When I woke up yesterday, I received an FB message from PD that she was inviting Mona and I for a quick lunch in Power Plant Mall.

Power Plant is just like the "sari-sari" store in the corner for us.

So... from my night gown... a quick change into my paisley dress... a dress that I would normally wear when I go to the "sari-sari" store.

We had lunch at Kaya.  Little did I know that the paisley dress would be my wardrobe for the whole day and night!

Jing and her friends, Cecille and Adiel, also had lunch at Kaya!

I sat with them while Mona bought some things from the supermarket.  I brought her home after wards because she had to go home to Alabang already.  I went back to the mall to be with Jing and company.

We had dessert at Eight by UCC.

I really loved the crepe so I ordered Strawberry Crepe with Strawberry ice cream.

Jing and Cecille had crepe also but different flavors.  Adiel ordered the Tiramisu.

I was supposed to go home and change because I was going to the wake of Aloy's Dad. The plan was Cristina and Bernie will pick me up at Market Market.

Cecille volunteered to take me there because she was going to BCG, as well.

Still in my paisley dress, off I went to BGC then to the wake and finally, to "pag-pag".

We rounded up the Ka Escapades!  I was texting and texting Pinky to join us after work.  Eric met us at the wake.  Jodie and Carrie went directly to the restaurant.

Mensakaba Geishu Ramen Bar on Aguirre Ave. in BF.

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen.

Mona had the Gyoza.

We just shared our food with each other.

After dinner, we were on our way to the Bing Su place when I suddenly saw a BBQ stand.

Eric!!! Stop the car, please!

I went down and  told them I would just walk to where they were going.  Doc Bernie accompanied me.  I ordered BBQ, 3 pcs. for 35 pesos!!!!  How could that be???  Doc wanted to buy another set of 3 so the others could try.  I told him he had to order more because the 3 sticks of bbq were all mine!

OH Goodness Lord!  I loved it!  I am still dreaming about it now.  I want to go back to BF Homes just to eat BBQ.  Next time I am going to order 12 pcs.  just for me!  I would probably eat it with fried rice or pancit!!!!

Dessert was at Cafe Seol Hwa, BF Homes.

I did not order anymore and just got a few spoonful from their dessert.

It was great that we were able to have an impromptu get together in the South!

Hopefully, we can do this more often.  We are waiting for some one's first pay day!

"Pinky!!!  BBQ lang, solve na!"

So.... that was the story of my paisley dress.


I love Snowball!!!!

I also love the fact that I only borrow her occasionally!!!  Which means... Kuya pays for the Vet, groomer's, food and vitamins!!!

Such a sweet, sweet baby girl.

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