Saturday, October 15, 2016

Junkies Eating Marathon

I just ran a marathon with the Junkies!

Hahahaha NO!

Let me rephrase.... The Junkies had an eating marathon! (What's new?)

Soon, Mona won't go to Bel-Air anymore as often during the KST season so we are making good use of the time we have left with Mona.

We had a brunch when I got back from Cebu.

Everybody brought food.

We had Daing na Bangus

Very good longanisa

Garlic rice

Tomato wansuy salad

Red eggs with tomatoes


with chili sauce

Mild cured bacon

Lechon "hubad"

Hahahahaha! Remember? I ate all the skin in Carcar?

Chicharon for dessert and sylvanas from Dumaguete.

Assorted teas to aid in the digestion.

Later in the evening was KST interaction night at the Bel-Air function room with my participants.

After the affair, the Junkies, together with Roden, went to Eight by UCC for dessert.

Crepe with fruits

French Toast

Thank you Tricia for treating us!

The next day was Fishballs day!

Chips and dip.

I experimented with Sotanghon/Canton guisado.

They said, it tasted very good!

We have more upcoming activites next week with the Junkies!!!

Wait for it!

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