Monday, October 10, 2016

Dog Day Afternoon

I spent the whole afternoon today with dogs! And of course, with humans, as well.

I went to Uptown Mall with Cindy and saw this huge, beautiful dog!

The name is Uno.  I do not know if it is a she or a he but all I can say is, WOW!!!!

Uno is so well behaved! The owner even encouraged me to pet the dog.

The dog eats 5 kilos of chicken breast a day.  Goodness!  And... guess what?  Uno has a sibling! So that is 10 kilos of breast a day!  They also get groomed at Tiendesitas twice a week for 4 hours!

Whew!  When a human loves a dog..... it is infinite and vice versa.

The reason why we were at Uptown Mall was to eat at Tim Ho Wan.  It is FGM's Happy Birthday Everyday celebration!

Hahahahaha Why did it feel like it was my birthday?!?!?!

"Order anything you like, Lia!"

My favorites at THW...

Siomai... FGM also ordered her own basket.  I am not a fan of sharing.

Vermicelli roll with pork bbq.

Beancurd skin wrapped pork and shrimps, one order each.

Their version of hot and sour soup.

FGM ordered Hakaw.  She loves it very much.

Also the Vermicelli roll with shrimps.

Thank you!!!

Earlier in the day, I was invited by my neighbor, Sam, whose family  live 3 houses away from me.

A friend gave him a whole stuffed Turkey with stuffing.

Happy birthday, Sam and thank you for the invite!

They have a dog named Scotty, a West Highland Terrier.

He lives in Canada but Auntie Cora brings him along whenever they visit the Philippines.

Just the other day, Sophie said she wanted a Westie (West Highland Terrier's nickname) and I told her to go to the neighbor's house to look at Scotty.

Yesterday, my Kuya bought her a 3 month old puppy!

Her name is Snowball!

It was love at first sight for me.

I cuddled her on my chest and decided to get my own puppy.

I borrowed her when I got home from Uptown and let her roam around my room when suddenly, she did her major, major business!!!

WAAHHHHH!!!!  I had to call Sophie's helper to help me with the mess.

Right there and then, I remembered why I do not want to have a puppy.

I was already looking at O.L.X. checking out the Maltese puppies!

But it was too expensive, 35,000-40,000 per puppy.

I think I am just going to buy a white stuffed toy dog.  It will serve the same purpose.  I could cuddle it on my chest, talk to it and it will not do its business in my room!

I will just borrow Sophie's dog when she is in school.

So.... I had an afternoon encounter with 3 dogs and attended 2 birthday celebrations!

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