Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bangkok Food Journey

My recent food journey was in Bangkok!

I should be a travel blogger instead of a food blogger but then I rarely do sight seeing, mostly food eating!!!

Hahahahaha! I crack myself up sometimes.

Our ever generous and gracious host, Tita Jit now known as Tita J, picked us up at the airport.

We stayed at her Thai guest house.  It used to be located by the Chao Phraya River then transported to its current location.

Nowadays, I do not leave home without Sia, my constant traveling companion.

I cannot bring the pig I bought in Tokyo because she is too heavy.  Her tummy is filled with beans.

From the airport, we went to the outskirts of Bangkok to eat fresh seafood.

Tita J knows I love the Crispy Fried Fish

and the sauce with green mangoes, lime, shallots, peanuts and fish sauce.

We also ate freshly steamed suahe.

Fresh oysters

Their version of kinilaw na hipon.

Thai desserts...

After lunch, we went to the market by the river.

Lots of fresh produce.

I bought siling labuyo and used 1 small piece for my sinigang.

It was atomic unlike the chili peppers that we buy here in Manila.

Pasalubong for Snowball...

The rest room in the Shell gas station in province.

Wow! I was so impressed!

We dropped off our things in the guest house and went to The Mall.  Bought a few items in the supermarket.  One of our friends saw in FB that I was in Bangkok and she said that if she had known we were going to BKK, she would have asked us to buy her Kaftan blouses.  I told her we only go to supermarkets, wet markets and restaurants.

Dinner was egg noodles with roasted pork.

Mona and I woke up early the next day to pick up Pinky at the airport.

We just rode the Airport Rail Express.

The eagle has landed!!!

We went to Chinatown with Tita J.  She brought us to the Fried Chicken and Papaya Somtum place.

She also ordered Pork Laab.

Then we went to the market to buy spices to bring home to Manila.

A quick snack at a small Chinese eating place.

Sio Mai.

OMG! I loved it! I bought 3 dozens to bring home to Manila.  I was thinking of sharing it with my family.

Then, I reheated a few pieces for merienda today.

It was still an OMG moment.  I thought I have it in me already to share my favorite food but then... sorry ... no can do.

I still cannot share.

Next time I go to Bangkok I will buy 6 dozens sio mai!

We also tried the Taro Puff.

I liked it, as well.

Noodle soup with roasted pork.

On our way home, I saw something that I really, really liked!  My neighbor, Tricia, knows that I have been wanting to have one manufactured for a long time now. So lucky I found it in one of the stores in Chinatown!

Stainless steel Satay Griller!

I had to buy it!

Happy camper with my loot even if I did not know how to bring it home to Manila.

A very late dinner at the guest house...

Adobong Pusit

Gising Gising Thai style

Garlic Butter Shrimps.

Night out at Asiatique.

I have not been there in ages!

You can ride the Uber or Grab now in Bangkok! So convenient.

Breakfast the next day at our favorite market.

Moo Ping!

Lechon Kawali

Soup with lots of offal (laman loob).

Sio Mai

My favorite thai snack, Khanom Buang

Then Ryan drove us to Tesco Lotus and Makro where I did most of my pasalubong shopping.

Tita bought us ingredients for the samalamig Thai style.


Dinner at Coffee Bean By Dao.

Tita  brought Theodore!

Her traveling buddy!

It was from her that I got the idea to bring a "traveling companion".

My favorite Chicken vol au vent!

I had 8 pieces!

Pork Chop Steak for Ryan

Pork Laab for Tita

Ham and Mushroom Pasta for Mona

Eggplant Salad and Fresh Spring Rolls for Pinky

Garlic Bread

Catfish salad for sharing.

Monday was Mall day! We went to Big C supermarket where I bought more pasalubong and ingredients for cooking.

And I also bought an Electric Pan.

I used it today for Pork Sinigang. It is small, just enough for 1 liter of soup.

Central World is just across Big C.

Lunch at the Central Food Hall. It is their food court.  I was pleasantly surpised because the food was really good!

Pad Thai with Shrimps

Crispy Oyster Omelet

Can I give the food 6 ******?!?!?!

When I go back to Bangkok I will eat here everyday.  What's not to like? Each order was only 60 Baht!

I had a McSpicy Chicken sandwich meal at mcDonalds and it cost 119 Baht!!!

It did not even taste as good as the food at Central Food Hall. Plus CentralWorld is so accessible.  I wanted to try the pad thai at Thip Samai but I do not know how to get there.

Of course, I had to eat ice cream at Godiva for Shey!

We went to Siam Paragon Gourmet Food Market. It is a supermarket.  I bought the ball for Snowball there.  My companions were so tired they did not even eat dinner.  I just had  noodle soup at the food court.


When we went home we were so tired. Our feet were aching. I was about to text Tita  that we felt like we were so drunk from tiredness when she knocked on our door.  She asked if we were hungry and we said, YES!

She had food delivered.  Steamed White Chicken with rice, cucumber and hot soup.

Our midnight snack!

On our last shopping day in Bangkok we went back to Central because Lisa wanted me to buy her more of the Jasmine Soap at Isetann in Central World.

FOOD HALL!!!!!  Yes! Remember this food stall.  It does not have a name. But this is where you order the pad thai.

Pad Thai with Oysters this time.

I really love it to the point that I brought home to Manila!

Mango Somtum with Fried Fish (crispy sweetened dilis).

Why is Thai food so good????? I guess because they use fresh ingredients all the time.

I also ordered Tom Yum with assorted fishballs.

Dessert was a cheesetart from Bake.

Our last dinner in Bangkok was at the guest house.

Shabu Shabu

I have yet to use that outdoor shabu shabu pot I bought last year in Chatuchak.

Bulalo soup... Tita J cooked it because she knows how much I love the marrow.

I ate all the marrow!

Steamed Crabs

Then it was time to pack and weigh and repack and weigh again and repack my luggage, several pieces of them.

Finally! 32 kg. and some!

Hmmmmm.... It looks like the owner came from the boondocks and not Bangkok!

Early flight to Manila the next day,

80 kilograms all in all!  Ok! Ok! Ok! 82 kilograms in total!

Thank you so much Tita  for inviting us to Bangkok and letting us stay in your Thai guest house and for the food you let us try!!!

Until the next time, Tita !

See you soon!


To my 2 traveling companions, thank you!!!  I am so lucky that I was with 2 OC people!

Pinky: Mona! I will wash the dishes.
Mona: No, Pinky, it is ok. I will do it.
Pinky: Mona! I insist!
Mona: Pinky, no problem. I will do it.

Hahahahaha did you hear Lia volunteer and say she will wash the dishes?

They cannot stand it if the room is messy.  So it was like having Hermie with me. You just turn around and blink then the mess is gone.

But I also tried to be neat, as much as I could.

Kidding aside... Thank you, Mona and Pinky!