Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Chasing Snow In Japan

I have never seen snow in my entire life.  I thought I was going to see snow in South Korea last November but Mother Nature changed its schedule.

My Ate and her family, Butch and Gilly invited me to join them in Tokyo.  She said for sure I will be able to see snow.

I went with them to Japan.

While we were waiting for the airport limousine bus, the staff said, "Amazing! She doesn't feel cold???"

It was perfect! I loved it!  To me, it was just like being inside a mall with a really cool air conditioning system.

We stayed at our favorite hotel, Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel, because of the location.

Very near the train station and lots of shopping and dining areas. Lumine is just around the corner.

A very cute robot will welcome you as you enter the hotel.

Another reason for going back to Tokyo is the Egg Salad Sandwich from Family Mart!

I would always buy for my midnight snack.

Our first stop was Labi.  I wasn't able to go last time because I thought it was an office building but it is such a wonderful store! Several stories of things you want to buy from electronics, to cosmetics, household goods, etc. but my favorite is the basement where they sell all the goodies I love!

I was in heaven! Chocolates! Candies! Snacks!!!

First Japanese dinner was tempura.

When I went back to Family Mart they ran out of Egg sandwhich!!!!  I got the egg with ham and cheese. And a couple of snacks.  Cheese curls and chocolate covered corn balls.

I really don't know why I love it so much.  The bread is so soft and white and even if it is in the chiller, the bread will not dry out.

On our 2nd day, I met up with my friend, Karen!

We walked around Shinjuku and had breakfast at Doutor in the Kabuchiko area.

I had hot chocolate and egg/tuna sandwich.

It was so cold! 3 C!!!

My hands were freezing. I couldn't feel my fingertips.  I left my gloves in the hotel.

No wonder it was really cold.  It snowed in Tokyo!

That rarely happens they said.  My first time to see snow!!!

Snow flurries!

I was very happy!!!  Ecstatic!

Even if it just felt like dust from the air conditioner. Ha! Ha!

Schedule for the day was Ueno!

I ate baby panda bears in the train station!

One of my most favorite stores in Tokyo is Takeya near the Ueno Station!

I love, love, love LOOOVE it!

Just look what they have?!?!?!

I only had a few items on my must buy in Japan and one of it is a small Thermos cup or mug.

Look! They have it in baby blue! My favorite color!

I also bought a battery operated hairbrush.

Hmmm... I don't know if it really works but it is supposed to make my hair shiny.

Lunch in Ameyoko, a Katsu restaurant.

Fruits on a stick!

I tried one stick, it was a little asim, though.

Giant Meiji Chocolate.

On my 3rd day in Tokyo, I was on my own.  I bought the Le Michelin Guide instant noodles in 7 Eleven.

My friend, Marlaine, asked me to buy for her.  Of course, I also bought for myself but did not realize until I got back to the hotel that it occupied almost half of my luggage! I bought the other variants also.

I said Hello to Hachiko.

There is an 8 story Mega Don Quixote in Shibuya.

I bought my pasalubong for Snowball, a dog roller massager and cheese treat.

Daiso shopping also in Shibuya.

My friend Mia said I should try Ikinari Steak and so I did!

Next destination was in Omotesando!

What I do not like in Japan is riding the train with the heater on plus the several flights of stairs you have to climb up in order to get out of the station.

I almost did not make it out.  I had a 4 kg Ikea shopping bag on my back plus imagine my weight going up the stairs! I was already doing the hand over hand thing on the railing. I said to myself, I can't! I can't make it!

Then I saw the building I wanted to go to! By sheer effort, I did it!

Because.... Serendipity 3 was waiting for me!!!!

For some reason, I find it quite warm coming form a train station I had to remove all my layers.

I ordered the Frozennn Hot Chocolate.

It did not disappoint.

Since I was in the area already, I also ate at Luke's Lobster.

Line is always long but they are so fast and efficient.

I ordered a Lobster Roll.

The night is not yet over.  I took the train going back to Shinjuku and I figured there is still time to eat!!!!

I remember that there is an Ippudo at Lumine EST and they close at 11 pm.  I wanted to try if their ramen taste like the ramen in Manila.

Sorry, boys and girls.  Sad to say but the Ippudo in Japan taste so much better than the ones we have in Manila.  The broth is richer, should I say creamier?

You can buy instant Ippudo Ramen!

Houston! We have a problem!  How am I going to fit everything in my suitcase?

I bought extra baggage allowance, of course.

Day 4 was our Tour Day!  We booked via Klook.

We got the bus at Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

I thought I saw something on the way to Gotemba.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but yes. I saw something indeed!

Mt. Fuji.

People say we were lucky we got a glimpse because the skies were clear.

We had lunch at an eat-all-you can bbq restaurant.

Then the next stop was Grinpa Snow Park!  On the way to the park I could see melted now on the side of the road.  Exciting!

It was cold!  I could see "smoke" coming out of my mouth when I talk.

Butch and Gilly went sledding but Ate and I just watched them.

Hahaha I mean Ate was the all around.  She was taking videos and photos plus she carried all their bags.

I was already contented to see snow and touch it.

Next stop was the Sake factory.  Ate and I had ice cream, outdoors.

After an hour and a half ride, we reached Sagamiko Illumillion Park.

To reach the entrance you have to climb up 100 steps!!!  Again! I almost did not make it.  Such a struggle but each step you could hear me saying, "Hay! Walang hiya!" Hahaha!  They never mentioned in the tour itinerary that you have to climp up 100 steps.  I better write a review.

It is a park illuminated by 6 million LED lights!

Was it worth it??? Ha! Ask my legs!

A sight to behold, though.

The bus dropped us off at Shunjuku Station.

I tried 4 pcs. of Sushi in the bar near the hotel.

As you all know, I love trying out the fast food establishments in other countries.


I absolutely love the Wendy's Burger.  Promise! It was really good.

I am really sad that the international franchise we have here of all the restaurants mostly do not taste the same.


Mushroom Soup in Potato bread

Mc Donald's Hot Fudge Sundae

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Strawberry Shortcake from one of the shops in the train station.

The next time I go to Japan I will try all the food in the convenience stores!  I was just using up all my coins when I saw the cream puffs.  I forgot all about it when I got home and the day after I saw it in one of my bags.  I put it in the fridge and it was still so good!

I even bought a pack of Cheese croissant for 100+ yen!

The Michelin Guide ramen from 7 Eleven.

As tasty as the ramen I had in Tokyo.

On our last day, we just checked out the Don Quixote near the hotel.  I could not buy anything anymore because no more space.  Candies, chocolates and snacks are so bulky.  I even had to open some to remove the air.

But! Fear not! I was able to solve my problem.  Tada!

I did not even finish my 32 Kg. allotment.  Sayang! I had 7 Kg more to spare.  I could have bought more!  Ate and family had 20 kg extra baggage allowance!  Hayyyy.... sayang.

A quick lunch at a ramen bar, Tsukemen Ramen and Gyoza.

While we were waiting for the Airport Limousine bus outside the hotel, I felt really cold,

It was raining and the winds were strong.  I already packed all my winter jackets and was wearing Manila clothes.  I had to borrow the shawl of Gilly, good thing it was a Cashmere one.

The bus rides in Japan are conducive to sleep.  I think I even snored. Hihihi.

Last meal at the airport was Tonkatsu.

Ate had the grilled pork.

Cremia ice cream!

I can't wait to go back to Japan!  The Guanzons said next time we will go to Sapporo!!!  More snow!

But for now I am very thankful and happy that I was able to experience snow for the very first time in my life.  It was worth the trip.

Thank you Guanzons for letting me tag along!!!

Happy! Happy! Happy!!!  Just look at all my loot!

Snowball Chronicles

When I got home at 2:30 in the morning, I let myself in.  I opened the door and saw that Snowball was just looking at me.  I brought in my purse and the smaller bags.  As soon as I brought in my black suitcase, Snowball started jumping up and down!

You can't wait to open the suitcase, huh??

Doggy massage!!!