Saturday, April 29, 2017

KL Food And Adventure With Pinky

Pinky and I just got home from our recent trip to Kuala Lumpur.

It is still part of her birthday month celebration.

We stayed  at Lacosta, Sunway South Quay.  The pools looked so inviting but I had so many listed down on my eatinerary, we could not spare the time.

Of course, we would have had  more time if we did not laze around the condo and update ourselves with the happenings on social media.

It was already late afternoon on our first day by the time we started our food journey.

Sunway is a small city.  It has a free Shuttle bus to take you around "town".

The Sunway Pyramid was just a few minutes away.  If you take an Uber, it will only cost you RMB 5 x PHP 11.30.

Our First destination was Madam Kwan's.  They are known for Malaysian cuisine.

We ordered the starters for 2: Chicken Satay, Fried Shrimp Dumplings. Fried Chicken Wings and Otak-Otak.

Pinky had the Curry Laksa.

I was very careful in ordering my food because sambal chili and my stomach do not agree with each other.  Painful gas pain for several days.

I ordered Char Kway Teow.

Loved the noodles!  I know they used fresh noodles as opposed to dry noodles.

I ordered Beef Rendang for FGM Cindy and put it in the freezer. My pasalubong for her.

Lychee Lemon for me and Black Jelly for Pinky.

Then we went to the supermarkets, Aeon and Cold Storage.  I always buy a lot of things that is why I always have overweight baggage.

Well.... to start with my luggage was already full before departing Manila.

When I showed the picture to my friends, they asked me, Why so many?

My clothes on the right side and things I need on the left side.

My carry on case is my chichiria pantry.

I am always afraid to get hungry on trips so I always bring a lot of baon.

After shopping at 2 supermarkets and filling up my 20 kg. baggage allowance, we went around the mall to look for my "must try" food.

Just Pie

The pies have a smiley face on top. Ok, maybe not smiley faces!

Pinky loves Cheese tarts so we were always on the lookout for it.

Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

We had to rush home to catch the last trip of the shuttle bus at 10:15 pm.

Day 2 was Ikea Day!

But... we had to get up first.

Pinky woke up later than I did.  We took turns sleeping.

HAHAHAHA! I let her sleep first for 1-1.5 hours. Then it was my turn to sleep.

Then when I woke up, she slept again.



Because she snores and I snore!

The moment I sleep she wakes up.

Then when I wake up, she sleeps again!

So by the time we got to Ikea, it was already 12 noon!  We had our very late breakfast.

I had donuts, hotdog sandwich, curry puff and soft serve ice cream with coffee and soda.

Late lunch was Swedish Meatballs, cheese bread and mushroom soup.

I love Ikea!  When we were in Bangkok, I only had 45 minutes to look around but this time, we spent the entire afternoon at the store!

My cart was overflowing with bulky things.

When I reached the check out counter I had to remove several items because I know I do not have enough baggage allowance anymore because of the grocery stuff I bought the day before.

5 kilograms of butter and cheese! I always bring a folding insulated bag.  The butter did not melt when I got home.

I also bought a lot of chocolates but I am not showing the picture because some people might ask from me.  I do not like to share my chocolates, ever.

Maybe the expired ones with my family and close friends only.  Hahahahaha.  So when I offer you chocolates they are either expired already or I do not like the taste.

Lingonberry Jam, the red sauce for the Swedish meatballs.

I am going to make my own meatballs with cream gravy, mashed potatoes and Lingonberry jam!

I bought a goose lamp!  I've always wanted one.

Pasalubong for Snowball and pasta colander for me which did not fit in my suitcase.  Pinky had to hand carry it together with the other bulky stuff she bought in Ikea.

Well, the bear is for Snowball, the kitten is for me and the other one is for Emilia.  The official Cat "Toddler" of Bel-Air.

Petronas Towers was in our Day 2 itinerary but it was raining so hard.  We just went to the mall across Ikea, The Curves.

The highlight of this food journey was Sisters Crispy Popiah!!!! (po-pee-ya)

We ate this for 2 days!  We could not get enough!!!!! I would always order 2 crispy popiah.

I ate it with the Sour Plum juice.

Their version of Kamias.

I am going to recreate the Crispy Popiah.

Skin - it is like our lumpia wrapper but softer.

Not the fresh egg roll wrapper for lumpiang ubod but the wrapper for Lumpiang Sariwa.

I saw them smear about of tablespoon of hoisin sauce and a teaspoon of chili (not sambal) sauce.

Then they added the turnips, shredded cucumber and carrots.

They added chopped roasted peanuts, roasted or fried popped rice (ampaw) and it says on the jar "biscuits".  Maybe bread crumbs?

Then it was rolled like a lumpia.

I really loved it!  How does it taste? A cross between Vietnamese spring rolls and our lumpiang sariwa with crispy bits.

We just took an Uber back to the condo to unload what we bought in Ikea.

Late dinner at a Japanese resto in Sunway Pyramid.


Tempura Ramen for me.

Pinky had Tofu and Ramen.

Day 3 was Petronas Towers and Sunway Lagoon day!

Pinky and I woke up at 8 am.

We got to Suria KLCC mall at 9:30 am.

We bought food from Cold Storage.

I loved the Curry Puff!

Photo ops at Petronas Towers.  We already had our photos with the towers 2 years ago but our taxi driver just brought us to the building across the towers.

This time, Pinky wanted to be right at the bottom of the towers.

To take this photo....

Pinky had to lie down on the ground!

Amazing!  Thank you, Pinky!  That's what you call, " For the love of!"

But unfortunately, I could not return the favor! Hehehehehe.

So she had to content herself with a selfie.

A quick change at the condo for our Sunway Lagoon Waterpark adventure!

We had the Crispy Popiah again at Sunway Pyramid.

Tokyo Secret Cheese tart!!!!

Pinky had Matcha ice cream with it.

And then it was time to go to Sunway Lagoon!

They are 6 theme parks in Sunway Lagoon.

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

Wildlife Park

Amusement Park

Scream Park

Water Park

Extreme Park

My favorite was Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon!

They have giant slides.  My first slide was the Jungle Fury!

I am not an adventurous kind of person nor an adrenalin junkie, so this is really "pushing the envelope" for me. I just like riding the Carousel and not the scary rides!

You have to climb up several flights of stairs for this ride. 4 to 5 story high, I think.

Then ride a raft like tube.  You have to be 4 or 5 persons in the tube.

Ready! Get set! Go!

And then we had to try another one! Crocodile Gully.  This time we had to carry the double tube up the 6 flights of stairs.  Higher than the Jungle Fury.

Then this naughty and crazy Pinky  jumped up and down on the suspension bridge!  I screamed at her, Pinky! Stop it! I am dizzy already!

We had to sit on a "salbabida" for 2, called double tube.  She was in front and I was at the back because my weight was needed to propel us down the slide.

And another one....I think it was Cobra Creek?

So we had to climb up again carrying the double tube.

I closed my eyes the whole time because....

Hello???? Vertigo????

But it ended as soon as it started.

My favorite area was Spongebob Splash Adventure

Every 4 pm they douse the guests
with green slime!

I did not want to go down the slide but Pinky said, Lia!!!! Even a 5 year can go down the slide!

Well, I tried it.  Once.

The Water Park has a huge surf beach.  Big crashing waves every 3-3:30 pm.

Zipline over the surf beach.

Wave pool area.

And the monstrous slides!  Vuvuzela, the world's largest Vortex slide. You have to climb 11 flights of stairs!  That is how high the slide is.

Of course, we did not try that slide.  Pinky wanted to but I declined.

Instead, we went down the African Pythons! That's the beige and brown  snake like slide not the aqua slide called Cameroon Climb.

Good thing we ran out of battery or else you would have heard me curse.  In the vernacular!  Really "malutong"!

Hahahahaha .  I rarely say curse words in Filipino with feelings but OH. MY. GOODNESS!

The twists and turns were so sharp! After a right turn, it would turn to the left and then right again while going down the tube at a very fast speed!  Check out the twist and turns of the African Python (4) slide.

And at the end, I thought we were flying in the air before dropping into the water again.

No WAY!!!!  No more slides for me. 4 "death defying" (in my opinion) slides were enough.

I got hungry so a quick snack at Nathan's was in order.  Chili Cheese Dog.

Our last ride was at the Grand Canyon River Rapids.

That's more like it!  Just a short gentle cruise along the "turbulent" river.

No screaming this time around.

Pinky and I had fun at the Sunway Lagoon although I think it was super "bitin" for Pinky.  We only did 4 out of 8 slides.  The others were closed for maintenance.

It was an experience for us, an enjoyable one!

We were happy campers!

We took a quick shower back at the condo and did last minute shopping at Pyramid.  I bought an eco bag and baby blue sneakers from Cotton On.

Late dinner at the Chicken Rice Shop.  I got a Chicken Hainese meal set.

And then it was time to pack.

Such an arduous task for me with all the things I needed to fit in my carry on luggage, my big suitcase and my folding bag - my "if I buy more than the capacity of my luggage" bag.

I finished my packing at 1:40 am.  Took a quick shower then set my alarm at 4 am.  Our flight was 8:30 in the morning.

A lot of people have this illusion that traveling with me is FUN!

I do not do a lot of shopping except grocery and household item shopping.

My favorite activity is eating!  All the time! As in every 30 minutes!

I snore loudly, so be prepared to have a sleepless night.

I am a messy room mate.

I am a by the book traveler.  I want to be at the airport 2 hours before for domestic flights and 3 hours before for international flights.

Despite the fact that I am a difficult travel companion, Pinky and the rest of the Ka Escapades never tire of my quirkiness and craziness.

Hehehehehe  It is also very easy to tempt her.  PINKY!!!! Let's go to....... ! Then she would reply, Book the flight!  In other words, kaladkarin!

Thank you for putting up with me.  You are such a fun loving person who is equally as silly and crazy as I am.

Let's have another food journey soon!

Hahahaha! Book ko na, ha?