Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lia's Food Journey's 7th Anniversary - The Tale Of The Traveling Bag

Time flies sooooo fast!  I have been writing on my blog for 7 years already!

Hahahaha! Just goes to show how passionate I am about cooking and of course, eating!

And let's not forget, traveling for food!

I usually feature on my anniversary post what I have been doing for the past year.

And guess what?  I have been traveling all year round!  Sometimes, once a month, other times twice a month.

And who or what was my constant companion aside from friends and family?

My Traveling Bag given by Tricia last year!

I swear!  It is such a lucky bag that it got to ride the plane all year long!

April 2016

Cruise with the Ka Escapades and their family!

Quantum Of The Seas

Dining Onboard

A Day In Fukuoka

Shanghai - Pre Cruise

Shanghai - Post Cruise

Sometimes. after a trip... I go on another trip on the same month!

I went to Cebu with Jing, Mona, Tita Jit and Ryan.

Snowice Halo-Halo In Cebu

May 2016

I try to go to places I have never been to before.  I was so fortunate to be able to go to Davao with Jing and Tita Jit.  We stayed in the house of Bo, Jing's brother and Millie, his wife.

June 2016

You must know by now that Cebu is one of my most favorite destinations!

I spent a day in Cebu with FGM Cindy, Mona and Cherry.

One Fine Day In Cebu

July 2016

Another favorite destination?????

Guess where?????


With whom????  Pinky!  She is my travel buddy now and with the Gordons, Alex and Dodai.

After several days..... I had to travel again.

To Bangkok with Jing!

Bangkok Part 1

Bangkok Part 2

Bangkok Part 3

Bangkok Part 4

August 2016

My birthday trip with my travel and eating buddy, Pinky.

Birthday Trip With Pinky

I also celebrated my birthday with my family in Cebu.

Birthday With My Family

September 2016

I think I should buy a house in Cebu already because I went back a couple of weeks after with The Junkies (Tricia, Cat, Shey and Mona)  on Mona's birthday.

Junkies In Cebu

October 2016

Oooopssss..... is it so obvious?

I Love Cebu!

November 2016

And I also Love Boracay!

With Mariger, Mona and constant travel buddy, Pinky.

December 2016

I told myself then I will not travel anymore!  It was too much.  I will just rest.  It is December.  I am very busy.

But sometimes fate takes over.

A Year Ender In Cebu

January 2017

I went to Legazpi City with my Ate.

My Dad's Hometown

February 2017

The best time to go to Boracay is on the 1st week of February!

The best people to be with in Boracay is the Ka Escapades!!!!!

Double The Fun with Pinky and Mona.

Multiply The Fun Several Times Over with Cristina, Doc Bernie, Cabinmates Eric and Jodie.

And The Not So Fun In Boracay

I literally just had to empty my suitcase when I got home from Boracay for a trip to Hong Kong with Pinky, Tita Jit and Ryan the next day.

March 2017

The most awaited international trip of the Ka Escapades for the year 2017......

Life Is Short. Eat Thai Food Part 1

Life Is Short. Eat Thai Food Part 2

Why do I do this to myself all the time???  Just emptied my suitcase for another trip the next day.

To Iloilo!  With Vinnie, FGM Cindy and Mona.

Whew!!!  I really should stop traveling.  It is very detrimental to my health because of over eating or what Cristina calls, Empachology 101!!!

It is so addicting. I cannot help myself.

And the best part..... I get to travel with my favorite people!  My family and friends!

I am just very grateful that I have been given the chance to go to my favorite places and new destinations, as well.

I try to make it a point to visit a new place at least, once a year.

Thank you to all my travel and eating buddies who accompanied me in my Food Journey.

Let's pray for more travels this year!!!!


  1. Happy 7th, Lia! Continue blogging / writing, cooking, traveling and of course, eating. �� - Brent's mom