Friday, July 29, 2016

Bangkok..... Food Journey To Happiness - Part 2

What do you do on weekends in Bangkok??!

Go to the Weekend Chatuchak Market!  Ryan was kind enough to take Jing and I to the market.




He showed us how to get there,  from which train station to get off, which bus to take going home, etc.

We had brunch at one of the eateries.


Pad Thai


Fried Rice




I just love the fish sauce with colorful sili!


Oyster Patis


Drinks!  I tried the lychee juice while Jing had the coconut.


I tried the watermelon juice the next day.


Snacks at Chatuchak:

Moo Ping! 


My favorite! Thai version of Pork Bbq.



I bought a hat. 


Will use it in Boracay.   Hahahahaha Or in a place where nobody knows me.

It boggles my mind that people will look at you in a funny way when you wear a hat in Manila.  It makes sense to wear a hat because it is so hot here!

I bought the matching bag the next day when we went back to Chatuchak on our own.


Ohhhhh! The most important item I bought in Bangkok.....

Thai/Korean BBQ griller!


Good thing we had 30 kg. Baggage allowance!

Tita Jit ordered for delivery the pork bbq/soup set for dinner because she wanted to show me how to use the griller.


She and Ryan brought us to a very far away place to eat fresh seafood.



I loved the Fried Fish with a green mango salsa/salad kind of dipping sauce.


Blood Cockles.  


This is used in cooking Char Kway Teow in Singapore.

Seafood Salad


Steamed shrimps.


I cannot recall if I was eating the fish or the fat from the shrimp's head in this picture.


Dessert was at Kalpapruek in Surasak.



We tried the chocolate cake.


Our hosts brought us to MBK last Sunday.  We had a late lunch at Fuji.


Salmon Sashimi


Grilled Squid




Katsudon for Jing.


Tonkatsu for Ryan.


Tempura Soba for me.


The soup was piping hot! Can't you tell?!?


Whew! All the eating in just one weekend!

More food stories in Part 3!


Thank you Ryan for showing us how to get around Bangkok using different modes of transportation and also for driving us to the very far away place to eat the fried fish!

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