Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Boracay Bucket (Food) List

I just came back from Boracay, my favorite place which makes me happy.  


Whenever I'm there, it brings out the best in me and makes my eyes "sparkol" with joy.

My travel mate this time was Pinky.  


She wants to catch up to the number of times I've been to Boracay.

19 times and counting!

Prior to the trip, I made a bucket food list.  I've been dreaming about the food on my list for months! 

I told myself, I swear, if I don't get to eat everything on my list, I am going to cry!

1st on the list was the Jumbo Bola bola siopao from Vin Vin.


It is only available at Terminals 2 and 4 departure lounge.   

But not anymore!  They gave me the contact number! I can just order and pick it up at the departure entrance of T4!

Sally of Vin Vin Terminal 4 - (0999)401-0648

I did not have time to eat it at the airport because we took the earlier flight so I ate the siopao upon checking in at Milflores Hotel!  


I let Pinky try a little and she liked it, as well.

Milflores is a 9-bedroom bed and breakfast place.  Each room has 2 queen-sized beds and can accommodate up to 4 people with 2 free breakfast.


The selling point for me? 16C  in the room!


Pinky brings a hoodie whenever she travels with me nowadays to combat the freezing temperature in the room.

2nd item on my list.... Supermagic Burger!!!


The last time Pinky and I were there, we just split 1 burger because we just had lunch! 

But this time, it was our main event!



And Malted Milkshake!  



Can you see the "sparkol" now?

We met up with Alex and Dodai for dinner at Obama Grill.


We ordered.....



Green mango salad


Grilled clams with lemon butter


Ginataang Pinakbet, my favorite


Sizzling Bulalo




Thank you, Dodai and Alex for the treat!

After dinner, we had drinks at Haven Bistro... Mojito night!



Pinky and I had sundae from Mcdo on our way back to the hotel after midnight.

Not so early breakfast at Milfores.

Bangus for Pinky.


Pancakes with bacon for me.


I got envious with Alex's story of the pancakes he ate at their hotel.  2 giant pancakes with mangoes in between like a huge sandwich! So I decorated mine with bananas and butter.

Then off we went to Puka Beach! 


It now looks like Phuket! 


Why did they have to put those multi-colored umbrellas?!? They should have just used bamboo and nipa huts instead of plastic umbrellas.

Boracay is now bustling with construction of big establishments.  

Soon, it will be so overcrowded. Caticlan runway is longer now.  Rumor has it that several mountains had to be bulldozed and leveled for the expansion of the airport.  

We have to sacrifice nature for so called growth and development. It will be able to accommodate bigger aircrafts, ergo, more tourists, more income.

When we left for Puka, it was drizzling so I did not bring sunblock anymore.

I brought 3 kinds by the way.  One is fragrancee free aerosol spray, the next one has 75 spf and the last one, a tube of banana boat in case someone needs it.

When we transferred to White Beach, it was so sunny! 


 I just went swimming for 25 minutes and I got sunburned!


And not the good kind of sunburned because I was not protected.  I am now red and my shoulders and back feel raw and tender.

3rd item on my food list.... Shrimp Pizza with Brie and goat's cheese at Two Seasons.


Stringy cheese! Generous cheese!


Pinky ordered the Tapsilog.


We met up with Alex and Dodai again to go to Spider House located at Diniwid Beach.




Best place to view the sunset.


You can also go night swimming! There is a ladder from Spider House to the water.


Since Pinky and I were still full from our very late lunch, we only ordered appetizers....


Fried Springrolls for Pinky


Freshly made potato chips for me.


Dodai had the Mango Avocado Salad.

Carbonara for Alex.

Dessert at Cafe del Sol at D'Mall


Brazo de Mercedes


Torta del Sol


Ube Flan


Rice Bibingka


We called it a night after dessert because Pinky still had to pack for her early flight the next day.

But.... I still had a midnight snack!

Island Chicken Inasal pecho!


Another favorite Boracay must-eat.

Plus Kansi caldo.


On my last day, I was alone.  I had my breakfast, ham and eggs.  I barely touched the bread.


I couldn't decide if I should go for a swim or not.  But when I got to the beach, it was high tide and nobody was swimming.  


I just lazed around in bed until it was time to check out.

Shey was just in Discovery Shores a couple of weeks ago.  She said I should try new shrimp dish.

4th item on my list.... Shrimps Eats-in-a-bag!


I tried it and the pre-dominant taste was paprika followed by cumin and other spices.


When I experiment with shrimps in a bag, I will let Shey try it.

I am so happy I as able to eat everything on my bucket food list!

Thank you Pinky for indulging me in my crazy whims.  


People always ask me why do I always go to Boracay.

It is convenient.  It is easier to get to Boracay than go to SM North from Makati.

I love the food over there.

But most especially, I love swimming in the ocean!  


I could just spend the whole day in the water as long as there is sun and I am not totally alone,  that would be scary.  

Plus...... Water should not be too deep! Knee-high depth is enough for me!


Hahahahaha! My Kuya said, What?!? You travelled several thousand kilometers just to swim in the "canal"?

But Yaya Hermie said, "Pabayaan mo na.  Mababaw ang kaligayahan nyan!"


Can't wait to go back to Boracay next quarter!


I just realized I had some grammatical errors! I always proof read my posts several times but sometimes there are still some misspelled words or a few words missing.

I correct my mistakes once I realized I made them after posting an entry.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Lia,...and food! Parang neighbor mo lang ang Boracay ;) Kaka-inggit naman. - Brent's mom

    1. Hello Brent's Mom! Yes! I had so much fun and I really love Boracay!