Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bits And Pieces Of My Week

I had a busy week that was why I was not able to post.

Most of the time, people would ask me, "How can you be busy? You don't even work!"

It just seems that I am not working because it is not a 9-5 job, but I do work!

I like to fill my time with activities, mostly with friends and definitely it involves food!  

Last week, I attended a Gender Sensitivity workshop and the speaker said that most women who do not work for a living and are taking care of the home and family call themselves "plain housewives" or unemployed.  

Granted that they are not earning from the work they do from sun up to sun down, but it is work just the same.  

The speaker said they should call themselves "House Manager" from now on.

Ok, what's my point? Hahahaha I am just saying, whether I am earning money or not from my activities, It does not negate the fact that I am busy!

I am going to share bits and pieces of the week that was!

Several food errands!

Jing, Sherman and I went to Binondo last Sunday to buy miswa from Bee Tin grocery for Tita Jit.  She told us to eat merienda! Ling Nam Noodle factory was full.  We just bought the siopao for takeout and I bought Molo wrappers.


We had merienda at Wai Ying instead.

Sio Mai




Spring Rolls


Chicken Feet


Radish Cake


Asado Cheong Fun


Steamed Broccoli


Asado and duck rice


We also bought several siopaos from different stores in Binondo.

From Masuki and from Wan Kee Bakery.  I bought the Jumbo Bola Bola Siopao!


It tasted like the siopao from Emerald.  


I still prefer the jumbo from Vin Vin.

Next errand, still with Jing and Sherman last Tuesday, was in Farmer's.  

Had to buy some seafood for Tita Jit and she told us to eat where we want.


Taco Bell!


Double Crunchy Tacos


Taco and Burrito


Rice with Chili Beef.


I had to pay some bills last Thursday and my spur of the moment restaurant of choice was Ippudo at Uptown Mall, BGC.

They still remembered me! " Welcome back, Ma'am!" " Oh! You ordered your favorite ramen!"

Akamaru with "very soft noodles" with the seaweed on the side.


Hahahahaha The Junkies cringe whenever I order soft noodles whether it is ramen or pasta.

Yesterday was my date with FGM Cindy.  


We had the unlimited dim sum at Jasmine Cantonese Kitchen, New World Hotel.


Huge Hakaw


Freshly steamed Sio Mai


Asparagus Dumplings


Mushroom Dumpling


Chiu Chow Dumpling


Steamed BBQ Bun


Hot and Sour Soup


Seafood Spinach Soup


Mango cream, sago


We did not even order the fried dim sum  because I cannot tolerate fried food that much.

Ohhhh I felt like a pregnant woman after lunch!

Then today, I did not know what I wanted to eat anymore! I just bought ham and brie for my sandwich and soft buns from Bread Talk.


I like my butter soft enough that it would curl slightly when you scrape the knife agaist the bar of butter.


Ohhh and a ham and brie sandwich would not be complete without cranberry sauce!


Dessert was the chocolate cake I ordered from Babita's sister, Arianne!  


Yum, indeed!

See how busy my stomach has been?!

Ohhhh and the high light of my week! A lost soul spent the night in my house!  


The guards found the dog roaming around the village and I was asked to foster it until they find the owner.

So cute and sweet! 


But snores loudly! 


Good thing the next day, the owner looked for the dog.  The little girl was crying all night long looking for her pet, Chloe!

It was a nice reunion.  The whole family came to oick up Chloe!  They even gave me green mangoes. 

Tricia asked me if I was sad because the dog was found by the owner.  I said, No!  I was very happy.  

I just saw a photo I shared in FB 5 years ago....


There is not a day that I do not miss my baby.

I don't think I can handle it yet emotinally to get another pet..... But.... To foster or rescue lost souls.... Why not? 



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