Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bangkok..... Food Journey To Happiness - Part 4

Sightseeing day!


Jing and I were accompanied by Swanee, the domestic helper of Tita Jit, to ride the boat along the Chao Praya river.


And then we went to the Grand Palace for photo ops!


Well, outside the palace.

We even fed the pigeons!


I look like Paddington Bear!


Brunch at Prachak after the sightseeing.  


The neighbor of Tita also served as our tour guide.  Her name is Miew.


Hahahahahaha We thought that Swanee was calling the cat everything she passes by the house of Miew.  She would always call out, Meow Meow!

We just realized that it is the neighbor's name!

Noodles with pork and wanton.





Roasted Duck.


The restaurant is known for their roasted duck according to the printed articles of several newspapers. 



The tour guides left us in the mall.  We had ice cream at Swensen's!

Mine was the Chocolate sensation.


Jing ordered the strawberry ice cream with crepe.


Tita Jit, Ryan, Jing and I had our farewell dinner at Bei Otto, German restaurant, in Sukhumvit.  


Pretzel bread rolls.


Liver Sausage


Crispy Fried Pork Knuckles. Crispy Pata!


Good thing we asked Tita Jit to make our Pinoy dipping sauce (vinegar with soysauce, onions, garlic and chili) before we left the house.


Their version of Mac and Cheese with crispy onions on top.


Fried Chicken Fillet.


Earlier in the day, we bought a whole Chocolate Cake from Kalpapruek.


It was time to leave already the next day  but not before going to the market to buy some  cooking ingredients.




And to buy my most favorite Thai snack, Khanon Buang. Crispy pancake like apa/cone of dirty ice cream then filled with boiled icing and sweetened shreds of egg.  The orange looking ones are spicy and it has wansuy.


I call it, Taco.

The whole time Jing and I were going around the market, I kept on saying, "Jing, yun taco ha."

"Taco.  Taco. Taco. Taco.  Yun taco, ha?  Taco. Taco."

I was literally chanting it.... Hahahahaha... I was behind Jing and saying it over and over.

Ohhhh Jing! What would I do without you? 


You are the only one who puts up with my craziness!  The only one who laughs at my antics! Probably because we are so alike!

Jing! You are nearly perfect in my eyes! But not when taking my pictures!

Please! Where is justice in these pictures? Saan ang hustisya?????

In this photo.... Jing looks like she is in Europe! I told her where to stand.


The photo she took of me!


Subway?!? My background is Subway?!?

Another postcard picture perfect photo!


Ummmm.... Guess who took my picture?!


Hahahahaha But nevertheless, I loved and enjoyed your company, Jing!

I wish we could travel together more often.

Thank you, Tita Jit for our fun trip to Bangkok!  


I gained so much weight!  But I also gained a sensorial feast!  I saw new things, smelled different kinds of aromas, tasted some food for the first time in my life. 

And then.... It was time for us to leave.

With a heavy heart and an even heavier baggage!


I had to leave some things behind because I was overweight.  Jing and I had a 30 kg. baggage allowance each but still.... It was not enough.

I looked like a returning OFW with my taped boxes! I had precious cargo in them!

The boxes contained my stash of junk food and the most precious of all.......


I don't know what it's called but it is dried pork bbq tapa that is crispy and paper thin.  I shared it with my family and they all loved it.

Next time I go back to Bangkok, I will bring tupperware and fill my carry on case with just this snack and the taco.  

I hope it is sooner than later! 

This concludes my Bangkok.... Food Journey To Happiness series.

I hope you enjoyed my food stories as much as I enjoyed eating them!

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