Monday, July 25, 2016

Bangkok.... Food Journey To Happiness - Part 1

Jing and I were invited by Tita Jit to come visit her in Bangkok!


My first source of happiness was the Jumbo Bola Bola at Vin Vin Cafe!



Upon checking in at the airline counter, I already requested for a wheelchair.  My back hurts whenever I go on international trips.


Jing was my wheelchair driver.

Tita Jit and Ryan were waiting for us at Exit 3.  

Then we went to a small dining place and had a very late midnight snack.

Jumping Shrimp Salad


With green chili dipping sauce.


Grilled pork


With chili-tamarind sauce.


Sticky rice.



Green leafy vegetables.


We called it a night and slept after a tiring day.

This is the Thai guest house of Tita Jit.  It is more than 150 years old and was transported from the riverside to the city.




Tita Jit brought us to a nearby eatery for breakfast.

Jing and I had the congee. I loved it!


Tita Jit and her long time helper had the clear soup.


We then went to the nearby commercial center to buy sausages and crispy pork bbq!


Crispy Dried BBQ Pork 



Lunch was at MK.

Roasted Duck





Green noodles.


Our merienda was quite interesting. 

Sakoo Sai Moo


A tiny dumpling type made with tapioca pearls and then filled with sweet ground pork, chili and nuts.


Eaten with lettuce then followed with wansuy,  like a chaser.

After eating a heavy merienda, we met up wth Ryan at Coffee Bean by DAO.



The best and flakiest vol-au-vent ever!!!! 


It shattered in my mouth when I ate the Chicken ala King puff pastry.

Loved the garlic bread, as well.


Ox tongue stewed in red wine.


Shrimp spring rolls.


Seafood salad




Ohhhhh my belly was very happy!

That's just part 1!

Wait for part 2!  


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