Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tita Jit's Quick Visit

Tita Jit was here in Manila for a few days.


After we picked her up and Ryan from the airport, we had dinner at Aristrocat, Jupiter.


We ordered....

Crispy Pata


Hototay Soup


Lumpiang Shanghai


Beef Caldereta


Pancit Canton


Shanghai Rice


Gulaman and Sago.


The next day,  we had lunch at my house with Jing and Tricia.

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod


Beef BBQ


Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso


Steamed Suahe.


We went to Farmers Market because Tita Jit wanted to buy jumpimg shrimps but there was none.

Instead....we bought Ulang! 


That was the favorite of my Mom.  We used to eat it in Bulacan.

Sinigang na Ulang.


The boys joined us for dinner, Sherman, James and Michael.


Tita Jit cooked Thai Chicken in Coconut Milk


Ground Beef with Chili and Basil


Jing cooked the Bagoong Rice under the tutelage of Tita Jit.


We bought Lydia's Lechon.


The next day, Tita Jit and Ryan went ouf of town and then it was time for them to go home yesterday to Bangkok.

That was a very quick visit!

See you soon, Tita Jit and Ryan!

Very, very soon!

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