Friday, January 31, 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

My friends and I went to Chinatown today.

It was a food trip and lucky charms shopping day.

We were supposed to wear something red....

I used my red sneakers.....hahahaha some of them wore red underwear! Guess who????

As soon as we got to Chinatown, we bought the empanada from Quik Snak....

Something we could eat while walking around.....

Mayette ate fishballs .... I bought 20 pesos worth but will cook it at home tonight.

I bought Chicken pie from DEC...

I also bought Asado Roll from Wa Ying.

We wanted to eat there but the queue was soooooo long because it was featured in the Inquirer yesterday.

We ended up at Lamien (hand pulled noodles) just a few doors away.

We ordered Beef Lamien....

Spareribs Lamien.....

Cha Bihon....

Steamed Dumplings....


Fried dumplings.

We bought Korean ice cream from one of the groceries.... I got Watermelon Ice Lolly.

We went inside a store and it was selling different kinds of pies! I was so full I could not eat another one anymore.

I was eyeing the Chicken Curry Pie but there was really no space available in my stomach.

So many people! I considered it a "contact sport" just to navigate through the crowd!

I was following the sea of people and look who I saw?!?!

Wonder Woman ( man?)!

I got a bit "starstruck" when the entourage of Erap and Isko entered Ongpin Street!

The people were screaming, "Erap!!!! Isko!!!!".... Now I understand mob mentality.

I am shamefully admitting I also screamed, ISKO!!!!

Following the VIPs were several horse drawn carriages with beauty queens waving at the crowd. I heard a man say to his son.... "O.... Si Miss Universe!" , then when the next carriage passed.... "Ayan si Miss Tapia!"


I had a great and fun day with my friends!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tricia!

Tricia celebrated her birthday breakfast with her Junk Food Friends a.k.a the Junkies!

She brought Crunchy Bacon....



Mona cooked pancakes and brought her precious "can't live without" butter.

( starts to sing..... I can't live..... If living is without you.... I can't live..... I can't live anymore!)

Ahahahahahahaha!!! Sometimes, I crack myself up!

I fried the Carnation Mini Hashbrown.

And eggs! I am a perfect egg fryer now but I forgot to take a picture!

Shey brought Starbucks Coffee for everybody.

Cat was in charge of the fruit drinks.

I am so glad we were able to spend the morning with the birthday girl!

Whenever we are all together, it seems as though time is never enough for our Junkie's activities.

Hahahahaha It means... There is never enough time to eat and eat and eat!!!!

Everybody is busy with their own schedules so the few get togethers we have are precious and dear to all of us.

Happy birthday, Tricia!!!! I hope you had a "food" filled day!!!!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Wheat Free Rocks!

I just got my test results!!!! Would you believe my cholesterol level is normal?!?

It is only 3.91/150!

The normal range is anything below 5 or 200!

Of course, I failed in the sugar department. My HBaic or blood sugar level for the past 3 months is 187. Higher than normal but..... It used to be more than 200!

I have been wheat-free since September 2013. I only "rested" for 3 weeks while Lisa was in town.

I ate pasta, pizza, cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates..... Name it! I ate them all!

But since I knew it was bad for me, I limited my servings plus I rarely ate rice. I was taking advantage of the fact that I could eat bread.

Maybe I am blessed with good genes but I do believe that the theory of Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, has some merit. I have been eating food high in saturated fats, 2 eggs almost everyday and yet, my cholesterol level is normal!

He shared this photo today on his FB timeline: Lechon Kawali?!?!

I am on the right track!

Check out what I ate today!

I was a little disappointed with Purefoods.

The honeycured bacon was not as streaky as I like. I had to add a little oil.

I am so proud of my egg frying ability!!!! It is a new skill I learned recently.

Just the way I like it!

Steamed Chinese Sausage and half a cup of rice.

Ribeye steak cooked in bacon grease and homemade fries.

The steak was a little overcooked :( But still tender.

My goal is to lower my sugar to 6.7. That is what my doctor wants!

I know I am going to reach that goal!!!!

For those who still doubt the wheat-free lifestyle.... You better think again!

I am going to prove to myself and to the world (again) that it really works!

Wheat Free Rocks!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Open Kitchen By 48 Concepts

I went to Mayette's clinic today so she could perform a retinopathy test on my eyes. She said I have Stage 1, very mild case but I have to control my Diabetes.

We wanted to have dinner at RUB on Capitol Drive, Pasig but the waiting list was quite long. We checked out the new restaurant called....

Open Kitchen By 48 Concepts

A new kid on the block, literally, they just opened their doors to the public last Dcember 28.

According to the FB page, it is French inspired.

They have a hanging herb garden.

Mayette could not help herself and tried a few "leaves".

We ordered the 48 Burger - basil aioli/crisp ciabatta/pommes dauphine

I just googled pommes dauphine - A mixture of mashed potatoes and Choux pastry or cream puff dough then deep fried.

I was researching earlier in the day for a good burger recipe and most of the ones I checked out had coriander leaves! If I am not mistaken, the burger had "kinchay"!

We also tried the Beer Battered Mahi Mahi with 5 spice cucumber relish.

I liked the Anise Pork Belly with honey mustard reduction sauce and chopped nori.

With my Filipino and "pedestrian" palete.... This one hit the spot.

Dessert was Chocolate Truffle Beignets

Jon ordered a glass of iced tea, I do not know what it's called but a sprig of Rosemary was used to stir the tea.

I enjoyed my evening with Mayette and Jon.

We have a lot of fun plans for the future!

Until our next night out!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cheat Day!

I posted in FB a picture of the burger Lisa ate at the Larelton Diner in Long Island.

I got so green with envy!

Then Shey made a comment: Cheat day! Cheat day! Cheat day! Cheat day!

And after that.... My day spiraled out of control! I gave in to temptation!

I had the Angus burger at Burger King!

I also had 2 pcs. of Cobbler at Chuck's Grub in Rockwell!

I have been cheating occasionally since I started my diet last January 12.

I had a whole pizza at Lotsa Pizza!

I love the "3m" style pizza! Hahahaha with spiced ham and cheddar cheese!!! That is one of my guilty pleasures! I do not like the Italian kind of pizza, just like my taste in spaghetti, I only like my Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti.

I also ate the mini chicken and mushroom pie of DEC!

I went to Adelina's ham to buy ham for my camaron and I also bought pan de sal.

Tricia tried a Lengua de Gato recipe from

Tricia did the slow process of mixing all the ingredients.

Cat was our "piper".

And... Wriggly and I were the "oven watcher"!

It took us about 2 and a half hours to bake 4 platefuls of Lengua de Gato!

I especially love the dark toasted ones!

I am going to have a blood test tomorrow. I know I am going to fail!!!!

But my goal is to have a better blood sugar results in 3 months time.

Hmmmm... It sounds soooooo familiar!

As always.... I need to pray hard so I do not get tempted to eat food which are not good for me!

Cheat Day! Cheat day! Cheat day! Cheat day!

Shey!!!! I can still hear you chanting!!!!